It’s My Birthday!
Thursday January 17, 2013 at 12:18 am |


I’m sortofadork for making a graphic but I was bored.  Today is my Birthday!  Thanking God for being able to see another year despite all the health issues.  And EXTREMELY thankful I haven’t had to be admitted to the hospital in five to six months now.

Since it will be bad weather today (supposed to snow), me and the Mom’s will be eating P.F. Changs in house, and tomorrow night if the weather permits I’ll be going to a Mike Epps comedy show with the Bestie.  So here’s hoping the Birthday is everything I want it to be and hoping you all have a GREAT DAY on MY Birthday as well!

Love you all bunches and Happy Reading too!

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Written by Jade

Jade is a book blogger from NC. In her spare time she loves to read and build and maintain websites. She has been reading since she was four and building websites since she was 16. was born on March 8, 2011 and is a fantastic merging of her two favorite hobbies. Enjoy your stay!

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14 Responses to “It’s My Birthday!”

  1. Belle says:

    You deserve the happiest of happy birthdays and I hope that many blessings are bestowed upon you today. You will be in my thoughts today. Enjoy!

  2. miki says:

    Happy Birthady
    best wishes may this day be fabulous for you, filled with love and loved ones

  3. Evie says:

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your day!

  5. *hugs* I’m so happy you’re doing better. Happy happy birthday! I loooove PF Changs. I wish you a happy healthy blessed 2013.

  6. Jade Jade says:

    Thanks everybody for the Birthday Wishes! You all are great!

  7. Happy Birthday, Jade!!! Snow? Aw, man. Now I feel bad for the sunny 70 degrees I’m enjoying. Wish I could send you some of this sunny weather for your birthday.

    PF Changs – YUM! I hope you enjoy YOUR day, Jade! : )

  8. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day.

  9. Bex says:

    Happy, happy birthday Jade! :DD *throws confetti*
    I so hope you have had, and will continue to have, a fantastic day!

  10. Happy Birthday! I know how it is with health issues, I’m wishing you a fabulous day and an amazingtastic year! 🙂

  11. Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday dddeeeaaarrrr JJJAADDDEEE!!
    Happy Birthday toooo yoouuuu!!!
    Have a great and blessed year full of good reads and good times!
    U rock Chica!! Happy Birthday!!

  12. Beckey says:

    Happy Belated Birthday (sorry for the late posting)

  13. Um whoa!! I can’t believe I missed this. Happy Belated Birthday! I hope it was wonderful. I really can’t believe I’m so late!!! GRRRR…