I’m Still Alive!
Tuesday August 28, 2012 at 12:04 pm |

First I want to thank those of you who reached out to me this past week to see if everything was alright!  I was working on my new layout last week and had hoped to have it up by now.  But in the midst of that I got pneumonia once again and had to do another stint in the hospital.  I was just released on Sunday.

I’m still a little down and out with the pain and recuperating so I haven’t been back working on the site.  I hope to start back tomorrow or Thursday with the goal of being done by the time Monday rolls around.  I also hope to be back to my regular visits and commenting.  I’ve missed the book blog world.  But I’ve been reading so at least I can keep up with one aspect of it all.

Anyways, thanks for caring everyone and I appreciate all the concern and love you’ve shown!  Hopefully I’ll be back in action soon!


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Written by Jade

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3 Responses to “I’m Still Alive!”

  1. Yay, you’re alive!!! We missed you! I’m so sorry about the sickness and the hospital stint. I hope you get better super quick and that your body gets stronger. I’m looking forward to seeing what new layout you’ve been putting together…however, take as long as you need and get lots of rest. :0)

  2. Oh good. So glad you’re better and so sorry you were sick. *hugs*

  3. Girl are you going to make me jump on a plane and have talk with your doctor. 🙂 I hope you feel better sooner than later and don’t worry about the blog. It will be here with all your readers when you are happy and healthy. Prayers and hugs to you!! <3