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Mini-Review: Remembered Death by Agatha Christie
Tuesday September 2, 2014 at 3:00 am |

remembereddeath-acPublisher: Pocket Books
Published: November 2, 1984
Copyright: 1943
Pages: 194
Form: Paperback
Author: Site | Facebook | Twitter

When lively, lovely Rosemary Barton died of cyanide-laced champagne at an elegant London nightclub, the coroner ruled it a suicide.  But the anonymous letters put it quite differently–“She was killed”–and suddenly a shocking array of motives come to light.  Now a bereaved husband turned reckless avenger is hosting another party, a trap to catch a killer.  Once again, the uninvited guest is–murder!

My Thoughts

This was an interesting and gripping mystery that captured my attention from beginning to end.  Upon suspicion that his wife was murdered and did not actually commit suicide, Mr. Barton decides to do a replay of the circumstances in which his wife died in order to suss out the murderer.

Christie does a  good job in setting up every character and their backstory so as to give the reader a myriad of suspects of whom it is impossible to choose who they think actually committed the murder.  And when the detectives get together and begin putting all the pieces together, we are left with a surprising perpetrator and a satisfactory ending.

I enjoyed this little mystery.  It was a quick read, yet it definitely kept my attention.  I will be reading much and more of Ms. Christie’s work in the future.

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