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Character Corner Profile: Jacob Black (Part Three)
Thursday July 21, 2011 at 12:43 am |

Even More Jacob Black!? The Personal of it all:

jbnmLOL…so here are some other reasons that probably don’t have a lot to do with the actual books on why I love me some Jacob Black.  First and foremost he’s a Capricorn, just like me.  And we happen to have the same initials, JB (gotta love it).  Also, physically, mentally, and emotionally, he represents my ideal guy. I’ve always, always loved tall men. And I really love super tall men. And it’s not hard to be way taller than me because I’m only 5’2. The fact that Jake grows to be a small giant is pretty damn sexy to me. I love his skin tone and raven black hair. I love that he’s such a pure, good guy, but also completely and totally rough around the edges. He didn’t grow up with the greatest examples of a functioning, loving relationship, but he still manages to love with all his might. He’s protective, and kind, and HILARIOUS! OMG, I love a dude who can make me laugh. And if your character can manage to make me LOL several times while reading, then you sir, have my heart. Also, I’m ALWAYS cold, and I HATE it! I mean I HATE being cold. How cool would it be to have a boyfriend who could always manage to keep me warm? He’s a leader, and he’s dark, and brooding! But oh so kind and sweet.  He’s the absolute perfect blend of sweet and street.

tl27Also, and this is the part that relates so much to me, he reminds me, A LOT, of my best friend. It took me almost three books to finally realize who he reminded me of, which is insanity.  The parallels I could draw between him and the bestie are super eerie.  My BF is slightly younger than me.  Jacob is a bit younger than his best friend Bella.  My bestie is a full blooded Native American, cute, and just as sweet and kind as Jacob. I see a lot of him in Jake or vice versa, and I think that’s another part of the reason I love him so. Also, the BF has a biblical J name, he’s funny and tall.  He’s also very close to his family and friends.   The similarities are kinda crazy…and….this is the craziest of all..before I even knew there was a Twilight and a Jacob Black…I nicknamed and began calling my BF Chief.  HA!  How weird is that? He even has the same nickname.

I mean I just can’t adore Jacob enough. Bella is on that stuff for passing him up. He truly made these books worth reading as I was bored with Bella and Edward. But Jacob Black kept me turning the pages, anxious to know what he would do next. And the actor they got to play him…PERFECT!  I love his skin, that beautiful dark hair, and those adorable hooded eyes of his.  And I won’t even start on his body.

As beautiful as Taylor Lautner is physically on the outside, that’s how beautiful Jacob Black’s character and personality is described in the books. The books really made me fall for him and the movies only served to reinforce. Bella girl you’ve been hoodwinked, and you missed out on the best thing that could have ever happened to you. Jacob’s love for you was consistent, healthy, and pure. Too bad you couldn’t see that past your cold vampire. And as they say, REAL MEN don’t sparkle!  Okay I’m going to quit bashing Edward now.  Sorry all you Edward fans, but I’m totally biased.  I mean no offense though.

If you haven’t read the books, I do suggest them. It was a great read and I was a bit sad when I finished cause I wanted to keep reading about Jake. But they are worth a read, and more than likely you’ll find yourself picking them up to read again. Stephenie Meyer did a great job, but I will always be most grateful to her for creating a character as cool, sweet, strong, and funny as Jacob Black. Kudos and Good shit!


Favorite quote about Jacob:

“Did you know, you’re sort of beautiful?
Twilight, Bella

Favorite Jacob Black Quote:

I would have been the air, the sun.
-Eclipse, Jacob

Being Jacob Black by Stephanie Meyer

**A note: I had so much fun doing this I’ll probably do more on different characters in the future.  Thanks for joining me for all three parts!  I know it was long.

**If that pic belongs to you and you would like credit, please notify me!

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Written by Jade

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9 Responses to “Character Corner Profile: Jacob Black (Part Three)”

  1. BookBelle says:

    What a very nice character study you just did. I think I’m all about Jacob now too…. you convinced me where I never had an opinion before.

  2. Missie says:

    LMAO! Wow Jade. I didn’t know you had so much in common with Jake. You sound like the perfect match for him…. BUT, did you know that Capricorns and Tauruses (like me) are actually a perfect astrological match! 😛

    I’m glad you had fun doing this character profile because I had fun checking it out.

    P.S. Edward may be cold on the outside, but he has feelings too. *pulls Eddie into protective hug* LOL

  3. Jade Jade says:

    @ Belle, YAY one more for #teamJacob!

    @ Missie, LOL I didn’t know Capricorns and Tauruses were a perfect match. That mut be why I usually get along with them well. Sorry about the Edward bashing. If it’s any consolation, I think he was way too good for Bella too. They both deserved someone better.

  4. Fabulous conclusion to your character study. Sooo…hmmm… Your best friend sounds awesome *wink* *wink*

    Oh you make me fall in love with Jacob all over again!

  5. Jade Jade says:

    @ Alexis, thank you and LOL. Yeah the bestie is great. Love him to pieces. And Jacob is easy to fall in love with! So we’ll swoon together!

  6. Be still my heart. I love that quote.

    Did you know I lost track of how many times I read and re-read New Moon just because of Jacob?

    Then I would re-read all the Jacob parts in Eclipse.

  7. Jade Jade says:

    @ JuJu, You mut be my Twilight twin. I would also reread New Moon just to read about Jake, and reread Eclipse and skip around to the Jacob parts. I also reread his section of Breaking Dawn.

  8. Dee says:

    REally nice post 😀 Jacob is really good looking – and the best choice 🙂

  9. Jade Jade says:

    @ Dee, thanks hon. And I do agree, Jacob’s very nice to look at.