The Game Recap – 3/29/11 Season Finale
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Pooch Hall and Tia Mowry of The Game

Mel is stressing about becoming preganant, and asks Derwin if he will go with her to get checked out to see why they aren’t pregnant yet.  Derwin says of course and consoles her.

Next, Tasha closing a big endorsement deal for Derwin.  As she consults with Derwin and Melanie over the paperwork, she reveals that she has signed Malik back on as a client.  Once she exits, Derwin tells Melanie she has to tell Tasha that she’s either going to represent him or her son, but it can’t be both.

Tasha takes video of Malik chumming it up with fans.  She tells him that they will put the good press out there on all the social media networks so they would have some leverage to deal when it comes to reviving Malik’s career.  Malik thanks her and goes to see about Jenna.  As Tasha is leaving the venue, she run’s into the Boo who was courting her the week before who was supposedly dying of cancer.  As she’s speaking to him to kids come up and hug his legs and a woman in the background calls for him.  But Tasha keeps it classy and bids him adieu.

Malik goes to Jenna’s photoshoot to talk to her since she won’t see him or talk to him.  Jenna finds out Malik set up the whole shoot as a ploy to see her.  Malik’s pleas to get back together falls on deaf ears and she leaves a bit embarrassed.

Derwin invited Jason to dinner and asks him to help persuade this new QB to come to the Sabers.  Jason declines because he is not for helping Derwin break his own records until the QB runs into him on the way out and tells him how much of a fan is.  And typical Jason loving the praise stays for more.  Jason gives him the benefit of choosing the Sabers over another team that’s trying to woo him.

Tasha goes to Melanie’s who is trying to butter her up with snacks.  When Melanie broaches the subject of Malik, Tasha tells her to just go ahead and say what she wants to say.  Mel gets nasty and calls Malik a druggie and tells Tasha Malik’ career is over.  Tasha is upset and resents the fact that she wants her to choose between her career and her family.  Mel drops the pretenses and tells Tasha she’s fired.  Tasha gives her the royal cuss out and throws twizzlers at Mel and exits stage left.

Next there is a press conference where the new QB chooses San Diego and vows to turn around this ‘shameful’ season.  While at the press conference, Jason runs into Camille and asks her to dinner.  She accepts and then lays a nice big kiss on the new young QB and confirms dinner with Jason and her boo.

Tasha is at Malik’s when Malik’s odyguard tells him his girl is outside.  He runs to meet Jenna only to find out that she’s drunk.  She tells him she ain’t working so she might as well be with him.  Malik picks her up and takes her inside to take care of her.

In the closing scene Mel and Derwin are at the Dr.’s getting checked out.  The Dr. asks Mel a series of questions, has she has a miscarriage, crazy periods, or any abortions.  Mel adamantly says no to everything and definitely not to the abortion.  The Dr. leaves the room and Derwin, with a stony face asks says, “Mel, the abortion, was it mine?”

My Thoughts:

Da hell!  What abortion?  Did I miss something?  When did Melanie have an abortion?  So I guess this is something that will be explored in the upcoming season?  I’m wondering where they are going to go with this….and Malik’s career hanging in the balance!  Whoooo….I don’t even know what to say.  Here are some twitter reactions!


Twitter Reactions

So what did you all think of the season finale?  What do you hope they will do for the next season?

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