Jackson Rathbone is a Pretty Woman
Tuesday January 31, 2012 at 12:55 am |

Jackson Rathbone as Amanda/Alex on Criminal Minds

So I was watching Criminal Minds last night.  I never watched when it was on tv regularly, but lately I’ve been into watching the repeats and marathons on ion or a&e.  What I like about Criminal Minds is that they aren’t just looking for a boogey man, but they are also interested and rely on the psychological make-up of their un-subs to catch them.  That aspect of the show if a little different and totally interesting.

But anyway, I was watching last night and Jackson was in the episode.  I hope I’m not spoiling, but I knew from the start the un-sub was a man dressed as a woman.  They present you with a woman in the shadows at first.  I don’t know why exactly I instantly knew he was a man, but I did.  What I didn’t know was that Jackson Rathbone (Adam on the show) was the man dressed up as the woman Amanda.

I have to say he did an exceptional job on this show.  His split personality character was totally believable, and he owned Adam and Amanda.  You could tell the distinction between the two easily, and he transitioned from Adam to Amanda effortlessly.  I never really notice Jackson in Twilight (although I loved his history part), so I was surprised by this role.  I can’t deny that he’s a talented actor and will be paying attention to him a little more from now on.

Have you ever been surprised by any actors who’ve showed up in a role other than the one they are most known for?  Did it affect they way you thought of them as actors negatively or positively?  Do share!

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16 Responses to “Jackson Rathbone is a Pretty Woman”

  1. I always find it strange watching a movie and I recognize an actor.

  2. Oh Jackson! Say it ain’t so. LOL

    I love when actors step out of their box. Remember when Patrick Swayze did drag?

    • Jade says:

      Confession…I love that movie that Patrick did drag in. It’s called Too Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar. Too Wong Foo for short and I watch it whenever they play it on tv.

  3. OH. MY. GOSH. *stares at pretty Jackson* That is so funny, Jade!!!! x) When I first looked at the title and the picture, it took a while to sink in… but WOW! This definitely puts JR more on my radar for doing something as gutsy as this! I love it!! 😉

    LOL if I’m honest, I’m so much better at identifying actors than musicians and I love being able to recognize them from other movies or shows! But I find that I always remember actors for their past roles — like how Rachel McAdams always reminds me of Regina George first, or how I’ll always think of the guy from Harry Potter as Harry Potter even though I’ve never watched the movies before! x)

    • Jade says:

      LOL, I thought I was bad. Taylor Lautner will always be Jacob to me so that’s what I call him so I understand your calling Daniel Radcliffe Harry, I do too. Jackson stepped out of the box with this role but it was fun to watch.

  4. Missie says:

    Oh Em Geeeee!

    That’s Jackson? No freaking way! Damn him. He’s gorgeous as a woman! So not fair to women every where, well, to me. LOL

    For a second I really thought that was Zoe Deschanel. Amazing

  5. I think he is so talented. I adore Jasper but was always sad he didn’t get more book/screen time as I find him a lot more compelling than some of the other characters. That said, seeing Jackson in this role was fascinating AND a bit creepy!

    • Jade Jade says:

      I have to say I do find him moe compelling than some of the other vamps as well. I wish they had detailed his history better in the movies. And yes, it was creepy, but he was so good.

  6. I started re-watching Criminal Minds when this episode came on just so I could see him in it.

    I DID NOT see the ending coming ! He did a really great job in this episode !

  7. I saw that episode and loved it! I know exactly what you mean. The end was the best part.

  8. Emily Woodhouse says:

    I loved that show. Jackson’s role was a real psychological break-down. He played his top on that part. Won’t forget that.

  9. emily says:

    he did amazing! but i couldn’t help but notice that he definitely wanted to laugh in this scene haha- you could see it in his face. but if i were in that position i wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face either haha