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So Much Closer jkt.inddPublisher: Viking
Published: May 3, 2011
Copyright: 2011
Pages: 241
Form: Hardback
Author: Site | Facebook | Twitter

In the city that never sleeps, Brooke wakes up to a whole new life.

SCOTT ABRAMS is the love of Booke’s life.  He just doesn’t know it yet.  So when his family moves to New York City the summer before senior year, Brooke has no choice but to follow Scott.  It’s her last chance to prove to him that they’re meant to be together.

But the city is full of surprises for Brooke.  Ever since a painful family trauma, she’s been closed off to her parents, to her friends, and even herself.  Now, inspired by the thrilling energy of the bustling and creative city around her, Brooke starts to explore her talents and become someone she never dreamed she’d be.

So what will she do when her greatest dream of love finally comes true…and instead, she wants something more?

My Thoughts

Ughhh, this book was so awful and unbelievable and ridiculous it’s a wonder I finished it.  But I swear it was like a train wreck, so bad I just couldn’t look away.  I had to keep reading to see how bad it would get, although it started out with the ridiculousness and foolery.  I’ll just make a list of all my dislikes from here:

  • First off Brooke decides to upend her life and follow her crush Scott to New York when his family moves there before senior year because his father got a new job.
  • Despite the fact that she has only ever had one VERY BRIEF conversation with him, EVER!
  • Despite the fact that one of her ‘best friends’ used to have a huge crush on him.
  • To achieve this she asks her Dad, who lives in New York, if she can live with him.
  • Despite the fact that she has not seen or spoken to her father in SIX YEARS!
  • Despite the fact that he has reached out to her and made an effort to be in her life.
  • Did I mention that she does all of this during her SENIOR YEAR of high school?
  • Miraculously, she just so happens to end up in the SAME SCHOOL as her crush.  Out of all the schools and neighborhoods in NY, she just happens to be in the same one as Scott…REALLY?  In what world is this really possible or plausible?
  • And then when she finds out they live in the same neighborhood she proceeds to stalk his street every night trying to ‘run into’ him.
  • And the author keeps bringing up this ‘knowing’ that Brooke has that she is supposed to be with Scott to try and convince the reader that Brooke isn’t a total Stalky McStalkerton.
  • But her knowing is pure bunk.  This girl followed a kid she’d hardly spoke two words to, to a whole other state and proceeded to stalk his life until he noticed her.
  • Add to this unbelievable crap that she convinced her Mom to let her go by claiming the schools are better and that will motivate her to do better in school.
  • Ready for some more ridiculousness?  The girl is a certified genius.  But doesn’t try and acts stupid so she can fit in.
  • When her friends point out to her that she is squandering her ability and natural intelligence she gets offended.  As if she couldn’t understand why they would be upset when learning comes so natural for her, but they have to struggle with learning disabilities to get by.
  • Her interactions with Scott are completely weird and unrealistic.
  • First she befriends him and then binges on The Office because he mentions he likes it.
  • They share private and ‘consequential’ information as friends.
  • But as soon as they get in a relationship, Scott is only ever interested in being physical with her.
  • She completely overlooks the cool guy who would obviously do anything for her.
  • Her relationship with Scott doesn’t turn out how she thought and thus they break up.
  • But she still pines away for him, even though he is clearly a major jerk.
  • She also pretty much drops her friends from back home and can’t  understand why her friend would be mad at her for FOLLOWING the guy she had a crush on to another state when she liked him before her.
  • Though she’s living with her Dad, she still holds a lot of resentment towards him for leaving.
  • Despite the fact he has reached out to her and she denied him for all these years.  It’s not like he didn’t try.
  • She has this weird blow up at her Dad about why she’s upset with him, and then we never hear another word about it.  It goes unresolved and ignored.

I could really go on and on, but I think you all get the picture.  The only small redeeming thing about this book was the two friends she made in NY, one girl and one guy whose names escape me right now.  They were cool and nice to get to know.  Oh and I liked that she had a self discovery moment and figured out what direction she wanted her life to go in after graduation.  Otherwise, this book was total nonsense.  I will not be wasting my time with another book by this author.

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2 Responses to “Review: So Much Closer by Susane Colasanti”

  1. Sidne says:

    that really does not appear to been a novel you enjoyed however, I know a few young minded females that left their hometown and uproot somewhere without a thought of a family member and then to come back home within 4-6 months because things did not work as they expected. DUHHH Things that make you say, WTH!!

    • Jade Jade says:

      I don’t get the whole uprooting your life thing to follow a boy. Especially at such a young age. This book was terrible, and I’m ad because I had already bought another of this woman’s books before I read this one. I will be giving that one away as I have no desire to read another by her.

      How have you been Sidne?