Review: Moonlight in the Morning by Jude Deveraux
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Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Copyright: 2012
Published: December 27, 2011
Pages: 410
Form: Paperback
Series: Edilean Series (6)
Author: Jude Deveraux
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Sparks are flying between Jecca Layton and Dr. Tristan Aldredge. At the urging of her dear friend Kim, Jecca put the ruthless New York City art world on hold to spend the summer pursuing her passion for painting while enjoying Edilean’s tightly knit artistic community. For years, Kim’s cousin Tris — the town’s handsome and dedicated doctor — felt a deep connection to Kim’s college “sister” Jecca, though they had met only once before; now, Jecca is swept off her feet by this strong, sensitive man in a summer of sensual delights. But when long shadows announce Jecca’s return to “real life” and the big city, the lovers must decide: Can they survive the distance? And who will sacrifice the life they’ve created for themselves to be together?

My Thoughts

Moonlight in the Morning was an enjoyable read by Jude Deveraux.  Though compared to majority of Ms. Deveraux’s other works, I found this one to be just okay.  When the owner of the gallery that Jecca manages decides to close the gallery down for the summer, Jecca decides to visit her longtime friend Kim in her little town of Edilean.  With plans on getting some painting done, the last thing Jecca expects is to meet and fall in love with the town’s resident Doctor, Tristan Aldredge.  Now Jecca and Tristan must figure out how to keep their love when Jecca plans to go back to her old life once the summer ends.

While for the most part I liked the book, I feel like Jude’s heart just wasn’t in this one.  After meeting Dr. Tristan Aldredge in several of her previous Edilean novels and being intrigued by him, I was expecting his story to be explosive, but the sizzle just wasn’t there.  I had trouble connecting to both Tris and Jecca, and felt that the plot and some of the events were clumsily weaved together.  And while their courtship had an interesting and unique start, at times I felt the developing relationship between the two, as well as other events, were rushed.

Tris was a nice enough guy, but there was nothing that drew me to him except for the depth of his love for his niece.  His often referred to extraordinary good looks did nothing for me in this novel which is odd because his presence always captured me in his previous appearances.  And though I can appreciate Jecca’s need for independence, at times she made things more difficult than they had to be.

Despite my numerous gripes, I still managed to enjoy this story and had fun visiting with the residents of Edilean and getting to know more of the small-knit town’s unique residents.  Which is more a testament to Ms. Devaraux’s brilliance and talent as a writer.  I am still invested in this series and the residents, and have already picked up the next novel in the series.  I do wonder when she’ll write another historical though as those are my favorites!

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4 Responses to “Review: Moonlight in the Morning by Jude Deveraux”

  1. Sounds like the romance wasn’t allowed to kindle naturally, but atleast you still liked it. I know how much you usually enjoy Jude’s work. The disconnect is unfortunate.

  2. I haven’t read one of her books in a while. When I do decide to get back into them I think I’ll start with another and get to this one eventually.