Review: Karma by Carly Phillips
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karma-cpPublisher: Berkley Books
Published: May 1, 2012
Copyright: 2012
Pages: 297
Form: Paperback
Series: Serendipity (3)
Author: Site | Facebook | Twitter

Officer Dare Barron has had a crush on Liza McKnight ever since he was a teenager. But despite his lifelong attraction, the closest he’s ever come to interacting with her is watching Liza regularly bail out her brother at the police station.

Dare’s dark past with Liza’s brother, Brian, has always kept him from pursuing her. But suddenly Liza finds herself in need of protection and Dare appoints himself as the man for the job. And while the sizzling attraction between Dare and Liza draws them together, the past threatens to keep the two apart forever.

My Thoughts

Have you ever read a book that was so awful that you couldn’t help but to keep reading because you were compelled to see just how awful and ridiculous it was going to get?  Well this book fits that description for me.  I took notes all through my reading of it because it was that bad.  I had so many questions and was so annoyed while reading this that I can’t believe I even finished it.  But it was too bad not to.

This book is filled with nonsense.  There are so many stereotypes, assumptions, people rushing to judgement and shenanigans going on in this book.  There is a scene with Liza’s drunken brother at a dunking booth that was both silly and unnecessary.  Liza and Dare both moved to stop him from throwing the ball when if they had just left well enough alone he would have thrown his last ball and would have had to move on.  Because of their interfering, Liza gets whacked in the head with the ball and ends up with a concussion as a result.

The relationship between Dare and Liza set my teeth on edge.  Their communication was awkward, clunky, and clumsy at best.  The conversation was strange and stilted and at times made no sense whatsoever.  Liza is the most dimwitted character in the world.  When faced with indisputable evidence of her brother’s embezzlement, she still wonders if she’s jumping to conclusions and if her brother could possibly be innocent of the crime.

Also you cannot get away from the major issues and events driving the guilt these two characters still carry with them since they were teenagers because the author reminds us of it every other page and practically beats us over the head with it.  Okay, they both regret the death and cover up of the death of Stuart Rosserman that a drunken teenage Brian caused during a party he was not supposed to be having.  But these people are adults now and I would expect them to deal with their issues already and get the hell over it.  It all seemed so very trivial and petty too in the grand scheme of things.

Oh, and when Dare reveals to her that it was actually her brother who punched and accidentally killed Stuart Rosserman so long ago, Liza is baffled.  I find it completely implausible that she could have went all of those years and not know that it was her own brother that threw that fateful punch.  I don’t care how well their parents got it covered up, Liza would have found something like that out way before Dare had revealed it to her.

I have more notes on all the things that annoyed me about this book, but this review is rambly and long enough.  I was looking forward to reading Carly Phillips because people rave about her books.  But this book was a big disappointment and I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to trying her again.  I don’t even care to know what happened in the previous two stories.  Just ugh.

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