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Review: All That I Desire by Francis Ray
Monday November 3, 2014 at 7:35 am |

allthatidesire-frPublisher: St. Martin’s Press
Published: October 29, 2013
Copyright: 2013
Pages: 301
Series: Grayson Friends Novel
Author: Site | Facebook | Twitter


Nothing can stop a woman like Skylar Dupree once she makes up her mind. Defying her family and leaving law school, she’s landed her dream job as an event director at the prestigious Navarone Resorts in Arizona. It’s all that Skylar’s ever wanted—until she sees Rio Sanchez, the resort owner’s bodyguard. He’s the hottest, sexiest, most striking man she’s ever met.


When Skylar starts planning a huge charity auction at the resort, it’s Rio’s job to keep an eye on the prized art she collects from donors. He’s not blind to Skylar’s beauty, brains, and other charms—but Rio is nothing if not professional, and he refuses to make a move. It’s enough to drive Skylar crazy…with desire. But when a mysterious stranger enters the picture—and puts Skylar’s life in danger—Rio has no choice but to protect her…and never let her go.

My Thoughts

I’ve waited so long for Rio’s story and Ms. Ray did not disappoint.  While I’ve been a little disenchanted with some of her most recent books, All That I Desire just served to remind me of why I fell in love with Ms. Ray’s writing in the first place.

Skylar is everything a heroine should be.  She’s smart, kind, compassionate, beautiful and thoughtful.  And her sensitive nature was the perfect foil for Rio’s steel edginess.  He is strong, and intelligent, with a strong sense of duty and loyalty.  Skylar and Rio’s chemistry was beyond electric and I enjoyed the journey of their love.

True to form, Rio fought being knocked ass over heels by love, but eventually he couldn’t resist the mini-tsunami that is Skylar, and her love and kindness finally broke down his defenses.  This was such a good story and this book has renewed my interest in Ms. Ray’s work!

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One Response to “Review: All That I Desire by Francis Ray”

  1. Sidne says:

    I love Francis Ray novels. Have not read much in the romance department but definitely hope to read more for the 2015 year.