Mini-Review: Stranger in the Moonlight by Jude Deveraux
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strangerinthemoonlight-jdPublisher: Simon and Schuster
Published: August 28, 2012
Copyright: 2012
Pages: 362
Form: Paperback
Series: Edilean (7)
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Kim Aldredge is delighted that her dear college “sister” Jecca has found lasting love with Kim’s cousin Tristan. But despite her flourishing jewelry-making career, Kim’s own happiness seems as distant as the childhood summer when she played the hours away with young Travis Merritt, who came to Edilean with his mother under mysterious circumstances. At the end of that innocent season, he promised Kim he would return one day . . . and then vanished without even a goodbye. Years later, a worn photo is Kim’s only proof of the perfect joy they shared. But when she least expects it, Travis, now a savvy Manhattan attorney, will crash into her life once more. Will Kim see the boy she knew under the man he’s become?

My Thoughts

While I really enjoyed this book, as I do all of Deveraux’s work, I have no problems admitting it was flawed in some ways.

When Kim reunites with a childhood friend who disappeared after two weeks of intense child’s play, she is just as infatuated with him as she was as a child.  She wonders why he mysteriously showed up in Edilean after disappearing all those years ago.  Travis’ mother has been hiding out from his father for years and now wants a divorce so she can remarry.  Travis has been protecting his mother, by serving his father, who promised not to look for her as long as Travis worked for him.  Now back in Edilean, Travis has rekindled a love that started long ago when he was a young boy and oblivious to how children have fun.

Quick Thoughts About this Book:

  • Nobody ever seemed to complete a thought.
  • It was filled with misunderstandings and shotty communication between the characters.
  • It moved quickly and despite the flaws I managed to really enjoy it.
  • I’m confused about the BIG secret in this book (Travis’ Mother Lucy).  It seems it really wasn’t at all necessary, AND everybody knew anyway!
  • The internal family secrets and discoveries kept me intrigued and entertained.
  • The ending is completely implausible and kind of ridiculous.  I mean I’m all for believing in love, but for really though?


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7 Responses to “Mini-Review: Stranger in the Moonlight by Jude Deveraux”

  1. Doesn’t sound for me but I loved your review. Especially the bullet points.

  2. Kim says:

    I also like the bullet points! Easy for me to see the good and bad at quick glance. Jecca- interesting name!

  3. Jess C says:

    I haven’t read many romances yet but I picked up Deveraux’s A Knight In Shining Armour, I’ll have to give this series a try next.

  4. I’m not sure if I even really get the description. It all sounds so mysterious. I think I’d be disappointed if it turned out not to be a big deal after all of that.