Mini Review: Moonlit Obsession by Jill Gregory
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Publisher: Wordsworth Editions
Copyright: 1994
Published: January 1, 1987
Pages: 371
Form: Paperback
Author: Jill Gregory
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Anemone Carstairs. . . the breathtakingly beautiful daughter of England’s top intelligence officer, and Stephen Burke, the rich and handsome American patriot.

Their love was like a raging storm, a savage tug-of-war of inflamed desire.  Together they are drawn into a tangled web of intrigue and danger – fighting for the countries that they love.

Set in 1806 against the backgrounds of London, the stormy waters of the Atlantic and opulent New Orleans, the rumblings of war threaten to destroy their burning love.

My Thoughts:

This was a reread for me, so I think you can guess that I enjoyed this book.  I bought it as a teen and remember loving it.  I still have it packed away somewhere and ended up seeing it at a used bookstore and bought it.

The main characters in this book are very well written by Gregory.  They never strayed from who they were and each of them always stayed true to themselves.  The chemistry between Anemone and Stephen was electric and filled with unexpressed tension.  The anxiety of it all made me love it all the more, and I loved watching them fall in love.

Besides the love story, there is a plot afoot that will plunge their two countries into war if not handled.  And with a big misunderstanding between them, you wonder if they will be able to accomplish their mission.  I love Anemone because she was a strong woman with a will of steel.  She had one true weakness though and that made her more human.  Stephen is a dark rogue whom I ended up falling for with Anemone because she eventually brought out the best in him.

Overall, great story.  This is a good pick if you’re into historical romances with a strong heroine.

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10 Responses to “Mini Review: Moonlit Obsession by Jill Gregory”

  1. I don’t read many historical romance novels. Sometimes I do get surprised and enjoy a romance novel. I love rereads, I wish I had more time to reread novels that I really enjoyed.

  2. Missie says:

    You read this as a teen, Jade? Wow! I’m not one for historical romances, but one that you feel like reading again, even after any length of time, must be pretty stellar. 🙂

    • Jade Jade says:

      Yes! LOL…you’ll be surprised some of the stuff I picked up as a kid. I always tended to read beyond my age. My aunt had this bookstore near her house in MD my parents would take me to when we visited. I would rack up on these books. I was a bit heartbroken when they closed it.

  3. Brie says:

    This must be a truly wonderful book, because the 80’s was the worst decade for romance novels and strong women weren’t the norm then, more likely heroine were dormant idiots, and the heroes where asses… My question is who would name their daughter Anemone? Aren’t those some type of weird sea plant/creatures?

    • Jade Jade says:

      LOL, Brie I said the same thing. Why on God’s green earth would they name that child Anemone. I liked her assumed name better. Letty is much easier on the tongue. And you’ve brought something to my attention about heriones. I never really noticed, so now I’ll have to pay more attention to the time a book was written.

  4. I saw the cover and I was like “Cinderella!!” but I was wrong. Ha! I love historical romances so I would definitely read this.

    • Jade Jade says:

      The cover is very Cinderella-ih isn’t it! I think the cover is what drew me. So maybe I have a hidden Cinderella fantasy within me! LOL…yes hostorical romance is great.

  5. Lena says:

    I instantly thought this was a book review of Cinderella. Jade you find the most unique, out of this world books that I have never read but feel like I should have. You had a very broad reading range as a teen. Nice mini-review too.

    • Jade Jade says:

      Lena I’m starting to believe that I would have read damn near anything as a kid and teen. I can’t believe all these books I’m starting to remember just from being in the book blogging community.