Mini Review: Island for Two by Beverly Jenkins and Elaine Overton
Friday October 5, 2012 at 3:00 am |

Publisher: Kimani Books
Published: May 22, 2012
Copyright: 2012
Pages: 218
Form: Paperback
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For two couples, paradise is about  to heat up…

Hawaii Magic by Beverly Jenkins
Workaholic attorney Anita Hunt is on the job 24/7. She’s looking to make partner, not party. While on a forced vacation in Hawaii, she meets gorgeous pilot Steve Blair. When engine trouble forces them to make a crash landing, the seductive airman shows her  a side of the exotic island and herself she never expected-and a passion that could make them partners in paradise forever….

Fiji Fantasy by Elaine Overton
Connie Vaughn will never forget her thirtieth birthday present  to herself: a passion-filled week in Fiji with a sensual stranger who knew her only as Contessa. But Michael Hillard is about to reenter her life in a big way. And from the moment the corporate playboy meets his mystery lover again, he wages an all-out campaign of seduction. This time the stakes are much higher-a love to last  a lifetime!

My Thoughts

Hawaii Magic by Beverly Jenkins was a charming little story that brought a smile to my face.  Over worked Anita Hunt is essentially forced to take a vacation to Hawaii by her boss.  Her pilot, Steve Blair, has the honor of taking her from California to Hawaii.  Because of her frosty demeanor, Steve deems it best to stay away from her, but finds it difficult when he also ends up being the one to take her on the helicopter tour of Hawaii.  When their copter goes down, and they are forced to survive together, the proximity can no longer afford them to deny their attraction, and the sparks fly.

Though Anita got on my nerves at first because she was cold to people when there was no need, I eventually warmed to her and began rooting for her and Steve’s HEA.  The story was short and sweet, and though the relationship occurred over a short amount of time, the development still felt very natural and realistic for the circumstances.  Steve was adorable and laid back, and seemed to always know what to say and do.  He was a total sweetheart, and made the story a pleasure to read.

The second story Fiji Fantasy worked my nerves after only a couple chapters so I didn’t finish reading it.

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5 Responses to “Mini Review: Island for Two by Beverly Jenkins and Elaine Overton”

  1. I gotta try this author 🙂 Great review.

  2. Um…and now I very much want to visit Hawaii. :0)

  3. It sounds like a cute read. I love when relationships progress in a natural way. It convinces me that it can be done right and everyone should try to do this.