Throwback Review: My Secret Admirer by Carol Ellis
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Publisher: Scholastic
Published: November 1, 1989
Copyright: 1989
Pages: 184
Form: Paperback
Series: Point Horror

Jenny is new in town.  With her parents away, she is all alone in an isolated house.  The looming mountains frighten her; the days are hot and stifling.  But she already has a secret admirer who courts her with sweet messages and flowers.

Jenny also has an enemy.

Someone leaves a dead rattlesnake at her door.  A sinister black motorcycle chases her down a deserted road.  Does Jenny know too much about the mysterious “accident” on the cliffs?

Jenny has no one to turn to.  Except her secret admirer….But who is he?

My Thoughts

What a blast from the past this one was.  And while I’m sure I was completely thrilled as a kid, as an adult I do have a few issues with this book.  Jenny’s family moves to yet another new town.  While her parents fly back to their previous town to wrap up business and close on the sale of their old house, Jenny is left to make new friends and acclimate herself to her new surroundings.  But after things go horribly wrong during the annual scavenger hunt, Jenny finds herself the target of a sick jokester and the object of someone’s affection.

I have to say I did have fun being back in one of these books that I so enjoyed as a kid.  And although I can’t say I was ever frightened by this book, this time, I can say it elicited the same anxious feelings, wondering who the killer could be and why.

Although all of the characters had their own very distinct personalities, many of them were a bit flat with no depth.  The villain was well done because I was kept guessing about who it was until the end.  I think Jenny was well written too although her inner musings sometimes got on my nerves.  As far as the other characters, though they were kind of one dimensional, their actions were expertly played to keep the reader wondering about who could possibly be tormenting the new girl.

While the story was engaging, and kept me interested, the conclusion and big reveal was kind of weak.  And not so much who it turned out to be, but why he was the villain in the first place.  It was perfectly fluffy and a bit silly why this particular villain was motivated to want to kill.  Very trivial and almost laughable that he would go to such extremes to cover up what he’d done.

Overall a nice walk down memory lane.  As an adult I’m bound to have a different view on the story, but the book manages to keep its soul and remind me of why I loved these books so much as a kid.

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5 Responses to “Throwback Review: My Secret Admirer by Carol Ellis”

  1. These book covers also take me back. The font of the title. It all just makes me nostalgic.

  2. Audrey Oddmonster says:

    Hi, I followed you back down the rabbithole from the comment you left at Smash Attacks.

    First of all, the jazz hands on the cover crack me up. Second, I’m glad to know that Secret Admirer keeps the Point Horror track record up for cliff-related peril.

    I like your comment in the review about how, despite the adult you finding failings in the book your first read might’ve over-looked, the book “kept its soul”. It’s really interesting to me having just started reading these books that, for all their flaws, you can read them as an adult and still be charmed by them.

    Great review!

    • Jade Jade says:

      Well thank you! Yes, of course being older I read these with a slightly different eye. But the heart of these books are awesome and they can still make me feel like a kid again. Thanks for stopping by, sorry I’m just seeing this comment!