Sort of Beautiful Review Policy


Sorry, but due to health issues I’m having, I can no longer accept books for review. I never know when I’m going to be feeling bad or have to go to the hospital and don’t want to make any commitments that I won’t be able to keep because of that. Once I feel stable with my health again I will open this back up. But for now I have to shut it down. Thanks for understanding.

~Jade 6/7/2012


Reviews to Include:

  • Cover of Book
  • Publisher
  • Copyright Date
  • Release Date
  • Number of Pages
  • Book Format (Hardcover, Paperback)

In my reviews I will include a synopsis of the book and the book cover of the version I’ve read as some books have several editions or versions. I will then share my very honest opinions on the book and how and what I felt about the story, characters, and plot. I’ll give my recommendation for each book. I am committed to being 100% honest about my reviews and opinions of each book. For my readers sake, the integrity of my reviews is of utmost importance. Authors and Publishers, if you would like me to review a book please contact me at or use the form below. All reviews will be posted here and at I mainly review books I have an interest in and will give precedence to books that I have bought or have requested to read. A review of any book sent to me is not guaranteed unless I have expressly agreed to it with the author/publisher previously. With that said, I LOVE reading and I’m open to new books inside the following genres:

  • Black Romance
  • Romance
  • Historical Romance
  • Black Fiction
  • Mystery/Thriller
  • Some Paranormal
  • Women’s Fiction/Chick Lit


All books reviewed were either purchased, won, or given to me by the author/publisher. ARC’s will not be sold, but may be used in contests or giveaways with the author’s/publisher’s consent. Although turnaround time for reviews will usually fall between 7-10 days, I reserve the right to read and review at my leisure unless there has been a previously agreed upon time established. I will give any book I receive a chance up to the first 50 pages. If I am unable to finish a book, I will not provide a review as it would be unfair to the author.

Review Requests:

If you would like to request a review please use the form below!