A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin: The Re-Read
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aclashofkings-grrmThere really are no words to express how much I love this series.  Mr. Martin has really penned some literary brilliance, and A Song of Ice and Fire will definitely be forever on my favorite series list.  And with that said, I so enjoyed the re-reading of A Clash of Kings.

My Observations:

I swear sometimes I am BEYOND slow (facepalm)!  While I knew that Renly was gay, it is never outright acknowledged in the book, but merely implied.  But the first go round I totally missed a very CLEAR and OBVIOUS symbol of his homosexuality.  Sidebar:  You’ve got to really admire Renly.  Although you know he really has no legitimate claim to the throne by being neither the son of Robert, nor the next oldest in line of his brothers, Renly goes after what he wants anyway.  He’s convinced he’d make a much better King than Stannis and I tend to agree!  I mean the people love him and he’s seems to be a fair and kind person.  The man has hutzpah!

Now, the sign I missed the first go round:

Renly’s Rainbow Guard!  HA!  Yes Renly’s Kingsguard is so named The Rainbow Guard (since each of them has donned a different color to represent them instead of a uniform color like the Kingsguard of Kigs Landing).  There is no other professed King or Queen that has such a unique and colorful Kings/Queensguard!  Once I realized this I thought it was a great use of symbolism on Martin’s part, but still in keeping with the subtlety of it all.  Two thumbs up!

Also, I’m obsessed with Arya’s and Tyrion’s stories in this one.  The development of these two characters is phenomenal, and the scheming and maneuvering in this Game of Thrones is intensified and on a whole other level.


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  1. I can never tell where books are in this series by the book title. Which one is this again? I guess I can look it up.