My Book Boyfriend: Alex from Delirium by Lauren Oliver
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My Book Boyfriend is a weekly meme hosted by Missie of The Unread Reader. It was created to give us all a chance to gush and swoon over those amazing boys we fall for in our books. If you’d like to participate then click the link and grab the image.

I am swooney over Alex from Delirium!  As I said before Alex puts me in the mind of Peter Pan.  Playful and fun, and really easy-going.  But he has so much passion for his old world and for life in general.  He’s patient and kind, and extraordinarily selfless and brave.


  • Invalid and Infiltrator
    Kind and Patient
    Security Guard at the Lab
    Nineteen years old
    Eyes of warm amber

Lena describes him like this:

A boy with caramel-colored skin and hair that’s a golden-brown color, like autumn leaves getting ready to fall. ~pg 58.

I notice the way a piece of hair curls around his scar, like a frame; I notice his large brown hands and the whiteness of his teeth and the perfect symmetry of his face.~pg 64.

But Alex doesn’t question me or laugh.  He keeps watching me steadily.  For a moment he seems on the verge of saying something.  But then he just holds out his hand to me across the space, across the dark.
“Would you like to?” he says.  His voice is hardly audible above the wind–so low it’s barely a whisper.
“Would I like to what?”  My heart is roaring, rushing in my ears, and though there are still several inches between his hand and mine, there’s a zipping, humming energy that connects us, and from the heat flooding my body you would think we were pressed together, palm to palm, face to face.
“Dance,” he says, at the same time closing those last few inches and finding my hand pulling me closer, and at that second the song hits a high note and I confuse the two impressions, of his hand and the soaring, the lifting of the music.
We dance.~pg 145.

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16 Responses to “My Book Boyfriend: Alex from Delirium by Lauren Oliver”

  1. Lesley says:

    I love a kind and patient book boyfriend, I keep meaning to get round to reading Delirium (despite having two copies at one point) great pick Jade.

  2. Everyone talks about how great this book is and how awesome Alex is all the time and yet I haven’t read it. After reading the quotes, I definitely need to up this on my tbr list.

    • Jade Jade says:

      Yes you must!!! I hate I waited so long to read it. I had the book on my shelf for some months and finally got round to reading it. I could kick myself for not reading it earlier.

  3. I sure do love Alex a lot, well who wouldn’t?

    His totally swoon worthy and I love the quotes, I’m just imagining Alex dancing!

  4. I actually had to laugh Jade when you said Alex puts you in the mind of Peter Pan and yet you swoon for him. The two don’t go together…do they…maybe? I don’t picture swooning and Peter Pan. But I can see why you like his qualities such as playful and easy going. 🙂

    • Jade Jade says:

      LOL…I LOVE me some Peter Pan! I’ve always been fascinated with his story and all the adaptations that people have come up with. I’ve seen some quite grown up and mature version of PP, but he always retains his boyish charm. Alex reminds me of that…especially the first time you see him in the book. His laughter is described as musical…I just love it.

  5. Be Swoon my heart! I love that Dance scene! And I could totally see myself melting into Alex’s eyes! I must read this book.

    And your new design… I can’t stop staring. 🙂

  6. I love this scene! The chemistry is so palpable in this book. Lauren Oliver is an amazing writer!

  7. Great pick!! It reminds me that I need to read Pandemonium soon.