My Book Boyfriend: Maximus Hunter
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My Book Boyfriend is a weekly meme hosted by Missie of The Unread Reader. It was created to give us all a chance to gush and swoon over those amazing boys we fall for in our books. If you’d like to participate then click the link and grab the image.

Oh Max Hunter you represent the best of the letter P for me.  POWERFULPRIMALPROTECTIVE! I’d never fear for my life or my safety in his most capable hands, and he could take me on the adventure of a lifetime.  Throw in the fact that he morphs into a big, black wolf and I just can’t resist.  I’d love to play and love with him among the shadows.  So this week, Max Hunter from Bad Blood by L.A. Banks is my book boyfriend.

Shadow Wolf
Alpha of his Pack
6’4 or 5
Skin like semi-sweet chocolate
Strong nose with a slight bend
Native American & African
Glistening white teeth
A Square jaw covered by a dark spread of evening shadow
Eyes, midnight engulfed by a shimmering amber
Between 200 and 220 pounds
Massive shoulder width
Muscular and lean arms and legs
Hair, thick tendrils of dark velvet

      She turned her face into his left bicep and nipped him there hard before releasing a low, feminine, growl.  “Mine.”
He slid his hands up her sweat-slicked body and captured her ear with his teeth, sending rough confirmation into it.  “Yours.” pg.132

 “What is shadow dancing?” she whispered into his mouth, not really caring as long as he kept making her feel like this.
“Look,” he murmured as he pulled away from her, he nudged her jaw with his so that she could peer at the long shadows on the wall in the semidarkness.
Mesmerized, she watched his shadow touch hers even though he wasn’t moving.  What’s more, she felt it. . . felt his arms encircle her, felt his mouth rain kisses over the swell of her breasts until she cried out–and the man hadn’t moved!
“How?” she asked on a pleasure-strangled gasp.
“Would you like to keep dancing. . . or do you want me to stop and explain?”
Again she could only nod, but had to close her eyes.
“Yes you want to keep dancing?” he asked in a quiet raw tone.  “Or, yes, stop and explain?”
“Keep dancing,” she finally managed to say. pg. 126



My Max Hunter is being played by Omari Hardwick.  I know he doesn’t have the long hair as described, but while reading I could never picture my Max with long hair anyway, and Omari fits the bill of what I imagined.

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29 Responses to “My Book Boyfriend: Maximus Hunter”

  1. That’s cool yeah just go with what you picture! Sometimes I also picture the characters a bit different than their descriptions. I love wolf books and the “Mine” “Yours” It reminds me of the Mercedes Thompson series too which I love! Very good pick!
    Here’s My Book Boyfriend

  2. Alysia says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes!!! Now that’s what I’m talkin’ bout!! Omari is fiiinnnee!!!!!!! OMG!! OK back to work. hehehehee

  3. I hate when movies cast well known actors and I they don’t match what I interpreted. Twilight movies have ruined my rereads of the book.

  4. Sounds amazing! I love the concept of shadow dancing! I have heard such amazing things about L.A. Banks’s work…I’ll have to check this book out soon.

    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews

    • Jade says:

      This is my first L.A. Banks book and I’m glad I read it. She’s a good writer and I can’t wait to try some more of her work. The shadow dancing was awesome.

  5. I have not read this series yet. I’ve read the Vampire Huntress Legends by L.A. Banks but I would love to check this out as well! Max Hunter sounds yummy!

    Here’s my book boyfriend:

    • Jade says:

      Oh I’ve heard wonderful things about the Vampire Huntres series. But since I’m a wolf/shapeshifter fan, I decided to start with her wold series Crimson Moon. I will eventually get around to the vamp books though.

  6. Elisa says:

    I like a lot 😉

  7. Can I pleeeeeease borrow your Max!! I promise I play nice.
    Most of the time 😉

  8. Woozer! I think you fit the bill perfectly, especially the “skin like semi-sweet chocolate” *’melts*

    Now, I want to dance with Max.

  9. He definitely looks POWERFUL, PRIMAL and PROTECTIVE – Great choice!

  10. Oh! Like it like it 🙂 it’s sexy 🙂 And the quotes are great!!

  11. Mel S says:

    I frequently don’t include details like hait colour in my imagination of book boyfriends either…

    I love your Max – strong, powerful but with a warmth in his eye! Great choice! 🙂

  12. OHhhhhhhhh, an alpha, huh? Gosh, he does sound awesome based on that. And the one playing him? I think I love him already. *nods*

    Lol, I so recognize the can’t-picture-a-character-in-long-hair thing. Or the other way around! Sometimes my mind just goes its own way, haha.

    • Jade says:

      Glad to know I’m not the only one to change character features to suit the visual in my head. And you seem to be a fan of all things paranormal so Max is right up your alley.

  13. Love your pick! I haven’t read the series yet, but I am totally checking it out now for sure! 🙂

    Here’s mine:

  14. Купить не дорого…

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