My Book Boyfriend (10): Finn Mac Cumhaill
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My Book Boyfriend is a weekly meme hosted by Missie of The Unread Reader, currently hosted by Lesley of My Keeper Shelf. It was created to give us all a chance to gush and swoon over those amazing boys we fall for in our books. If you’d like to participate then click the link and grab the image.

There is something about those fictional Finn’s that keep me falling head over heels!  This guy has his own peculiar ways, and a destiny and lineage hat may prove to be out of this world.  But his honesty, straight forward attitude, and protectiveness had my heart tripping all over itself.


  • At least 5’10
  • Wiry Frame
  • Cropped short blond hair
  • Resembles a young Brad Pitt
  • Is The Mac Cumhaill
  • Made of Legends

Teagan’s First Impression:

“It’s the way he smells,” Teagan said.  She’d noticed it as soon as he stepped in the door.
“Didn’t you think he smelled…really good?” Teagan could tell by the way Abby frowned that she didn’t.
“Like what?” Abby looked puzzled.  “Cologne?  I didn’t smell anything.”
“No it was more…” Teagan shook her head.  “I don’t know how to describe it.”  Finn smelled wild.


“Do you have a boyfriend?”
Teagan’s face went warm again.  “I’m working on getting a scholarship to Cornell’s vet-med school.”
“So it’s the best school in the nation.  Getting in is tougher than getting into med school.  I have to focus.  I have a plan, and a boyfriend is not a part of it.”
Finn tipped his head and nodded.
“Mamieo told me once that Aunt Aileen was the prettiest child she’d ever seen.  But she hasn’t seen you, has she?  Not since you were a baby.  I’m glad you’re not my blood cousin, Teagan Wylltson.”
“Why?” Teagan felt foolish even as she asked it.  She’d seen that look in a guy’s eyes before.  It meant they were never going to be friends, because he wanted…more.  A lot more.  When a guy looked at her that way, it was time to walk away.
But she couldn’t walk away this time.  This one was going to be living in her house.  And if it felt like fireworks standing next to him, then touching him would be–
“Tea”–he leaned toward her, and Teagan took a step back–“I’m going to change that plan of yours.”



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8 Responses to “My Book Boyfriend (10): Finn Mac Cumhaill”

  1. Young Brad Pitt! That is all you have to say. I love me some Brad!!!!!!

  2. Lesley says:

    I wasn’t able to concentrate Jade after you mentioned a young Brad Pitt. OMG I LOVE a young Brad Pitt:)

    I have to say I love that Finn smells WILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I have this on my wishlist and I may have to move it up! Finn sounds amazing and I love the first quote about him smelling wild too. Can’t wait to read this and meet Finn!

  4. Finn! YES! *high five* Girl you and I have similar taste!