Black Thursday (3)
Thursday June 23, 2011 at 12:00 am |

Black Thursday

It’s time for Black Thursday again, and I’m excited about the video I’m going to post. Black Thursday was created by my favorite Jacob Black Fansite, and I’ve decided to pick it up here every other week. The editor of the following fan vid, Lilabut, has a little explanation to go along with it. Personally I love it. It’s on point with what she wanted to accomplish and the song playing is so appropriate to the video.

Explanation: This is an alternative version to Breaking Dawn. Bella does not get pregnant, but still wants to become a vampire. During her transformation, she remembers her story with Jacob, realizing – too late – that she made the wrong choice.

Song: Losing your Memory by Ryan Star

**Disclaimer: All images, clips, characters belong to Stephenie Meyer and Summit Entertainment. Editing is credited to Liliabut.

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9 Responses to “Black Thursday (3)”

  1. Very interesting indeed. I am definitely TEAM Jacob but more because of the movies than the books.

  2. Jade Jade says:

    @ Alexis, actually I loved the book Jacob. He had such great personality, I couldn’t fathom how she’d choose Edwards over him. And the movie Jacob just makes me like him all the more.

  3. Lena says:

    Nice video. I am team Jacob. He is a cutey pie. Who didn’t like his transformation from normal teen to heart throb. I couldn’t understand why Bella chose Edward either. I didn’t see what she saw in him. Something about a werewolf, seems more exciting than a vampire to me, more adventurous, dangerous…raunchy.

  4. Jade Jade says:

    @ Lena…I have to agree. I could wax poetic all day about the greatness that is Jacob Black…and one day here on this blog, I probably will. And I like where you were going with your thoughts…they mirroe mine!

  5. I’m team Jacob in the movies and team Edward in the books. I read the books before the movies came out, and Edward is not what I pictured. Great clip!

  6. Oh man! Wouldn’t that have been good?

    Confession: I didn’t like the films as much as the books because I felt the down played her relationship with Jacob and I was SO sad that she didn’t get the flash of the life she would have had with Jacob when she kissed him.

  7. Dee says:

    So this is like Fan Fic, but published? 🙂 very interesting – wow.

  8. Jade Jade says:

    @ Mrs. Q, I unfortunately read the books after I had seen the first movie, so as I was reading, I pictured the folks from the movies. But I think had I read the books first, my head Edward probably would have been totally different as well.

    @ JuJu, I 100% agree with you. They really shafted her relationship with Jacob in the movies. People really don’t understand that she really loved that boy, or how great he was to her.

    @ Dee, yes, I guess you could say that. It’s amazing what fans come up with. One of these days I’ll post one for all the Team Edwards out there.

  9. Amen sister! *high five* Amen!