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The Fight:

I must admit when it came to reading Harry Potter I was pretty stubborn about not giving in. I was so not going to get swept up in all the madness. No way was I going to read those children’s books because I had long since left children’s books behind. I had been reading more adult material since the sixth grade when I picked up my first V.C. Andrews Book Flowers in the Attic. Although I refused to read the books I had absolutely no aversion to the movies and found myself loving Harry Potter and his friends.

As the years went by I must admit I finally gave it a go, and couldn’t get past feeling like I was reading something I would have read in the third grade. So I gave up and once again refused to indulge in the books at all. But I continued to enjoy each movie as they were released. But one day, as I was watching The Half Blood Prince I finally made up my mind that I HAD to read the books. I don’t know what it was about that movie in particular, but it kept giving me the very strong feeling that I was missing a whole lot. There was entirely too much left unexplained that I wanted to know, and I knew I could only fully understand if I read the books.

Oddly enough Twilight inspired me to go ahead and read them. I also refused to read the Twilight series for some time but after years I gave in. Since I ended up loving the series (because of Jacob), I decided I was being unfair to Harry and would probably love it as well. And after much prodding from my friend who encouraged me to read Twilight…I said what the hell? Let’s do this!

 The Acceptance:

After making up my mind I began collecting my books and preparing myself. After all if I was going to read what was being touted as the greatest series of the new generation, I wanted to be able to go from one book to the next. The first two books were somewhere in the house. I had bought them on my first Harry attempt. My mother found them for me, and I began one by one buying the other books until I had them all in my possession except The Deathly Hallows. So I stacked my books and resolved to begin reading them the first of the new year.

 The Journey:

I must admit beginning the first book again I had the same feelings as before, like I was reading on a third grader’s level. But I decided to push through because if the movies were any indication, there was a great story within the pages. I have to admit, there was nothing more satisfying than reading about Harry’s triumphs, heartache, and finding his way in this new and wonderful world he’d been thrust into.

As everybody else fell victim, I too was mesmerized, with just one book, by Harry and Hogwarts. I was absolutely head over heels in book love. Harry had my heart and refused to let go. I voraciously read on wanting, needing to know more. How did Harry come to be? How was it this young boy defeated the most powerful dark wizard? Why did his parent die, and why was he left with a family who wouldn’t or couldn’t love and appreciate him? I needed to know it all. The Sorcerer’s Stone grabbed me, and I read on. The Chamber of Secrets enchanted me, and I read on. The Prisoner of Azkaban delighted me, and I read on. The Goblet of Fire had me on edge, and I read on. The Order of the Phoenix enlightened me, and I read on. The Half Blood Prince intrigued me, and I read on. I don’t even know if I have words for what The Deathly Hallows did to me, but I enjoyed every second of every page. I was in love with every word.

This series was EVERYTHING! I laughed out loud and I cried.  I shouted with joy and shook my head in fear. I pumped my hand in triumph, and moaned in sorrow.  But lastly and most importantly, my heart swelling with such love for these characters, I gently closed my book, hugged it to my chest and SMILED!

 The Destination:

So now I’m a fanatic like the rest of the world, and it only took eight years! And now I have my cousin watching all of the movies one by one (I’d rather she read the books), so when The Deathly Hallows part II drops in theaters, she’ll be caught up and prepared, and we can go see it together. I’m sad to see this series end in the books and movies. But as they say, all good things must come to an end. The journey was an exciting one, but I must say the ending and final destination of Harry and his friends was most definitely satisfying.

 So what do all think about the Harry Potter series? Did you fight reading them as well? What were your final feelings about the series?

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Written by Jade

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8 Responses to “Anxiously Awaiting…”

  1. Rebecca says:

    Gosh, I absolutely loved this series! I can’t even say how many times I’ve re-read it and I still can’t seem to tire of it. I remember going down to Stockholm one summer (almost one part of Sweden to the other) and I’d decided I’d take GoF with me only, since I thought it would be enough, but ended up reading it on the way there. So I re-read it on the way back as well, lol.

    I know my dad had bought the first book and actually read it, recommending it to me, but at that time I wasn’t a fan of fantasy at all so I refused to give it a try. This was before the whole HP crazy had come to Sweden. I didn’t even feel like watching it until my friend, who’d read the book and watched the move, said I HAD to. So we rented it one evening, I think I was in like… 1st or 2nd grade, and I loved it! (And was freaked out by that screaming book and Professor Quirrell, Lol. I can still remember that!)

    So I read the book super quick, at least for my age. I think it took around two days. Then mom continued to buy me the rest of the book as they were released and as soon as I had one, I was locked up with it and didn’t respond to questions, lol! That’s when my REAL reading addiction started. 😉

    My final feelings for it? Boy. I felt empty. Like I’d lost a friend. I had to tell anyone who would listen about all the little details I could remember. I’ve never been so emotional while reading the last book either. I stayed up all night to finish it and my heart was beating like crazy and the tears streaming down my face, haha. Gah. I so didn’t want it to end! I ended up re-reading the book and the entire series right afterwards, because I couldn’t stand being without them.

    So yeah. I love this series. It’s a part of my childhood! I even found a lot of new friends via a HP fan site online and we made our own wizard school, lol.

    Rebecca @ kindle fever

  2. Jade jadaloves says:

    I see I’m not the only one who’s Harry carzy! YES I absolutely fell in love with these books! I should have listened to the hype sooner! Deathly Hallows had me in tears too. And I didn’t ever want it to end either. It was so bittersweet. I don’t know what I’ll do when the ;ast movie drops…the end of an era! But I take solace in knowing I can always read them again…and most definitely will! I almost can’t wait to start reading them again.

  3. I started reading the books before they became movies and I loved them. I recommended them to my brother and he loved them too! This is a big deal because he is the ultimate non-reader. When I heard that movies were coming out, I was so skeptical. I couldn’t imagine them creating the amazing stuff that I saw with my own imagination. When I saw the part about the sorting hat, I was convinced. For some strange reason, I stopped reading HP after book 3. I don’t know why. Then I returned to the series and didn’t finish it till 3-4 years ago. Great post!

  4. Jade jadaloves says:

    I wish I had read them before the movies because I think I would have enjoyed the movies all the more. It seems Harry Potter has inspired even those who wouldn’t be caught dead with a book.

  5. I adored the books. So much. And while watching the first half of the final movie I totally related to the poor girl behind me sobbing her eyes out….

    I’m visiting from that interview on Bex’s blog, by the way, and I’m now following. Nice to meet you :-).

    a girl & her books

  6. Lauren says:

    I absolutely adore Harry Potter and I must say that I was one of the early converts after my Grandmother’s cousin (yes, she was in her 70s) recommended it to me after she read it to her grandchildren.
    I even wrote my Ph.D on the series.

  7. Alison says:

    Fabulous post! I love Harry Potter. It’s wonderful that so many adults have given it a try.

  8. Dee says:

    Loved the HP series!
    Still resisting Twilight though 😀 NEver want to read it…seems to be targeting younger girls.
    Dee, hopping from e-Volving Books