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Why I Love Wednesdays: Free or Previous Topic
Wednesday September 21, 2011 at 2:22 am |
Reflections of a Bookaholic

Why I Love Wednesdays is a weekly meme created and hosted by Alexis of Reflections of a Bookaholic. Each week she posts a Why I Love Topic that she answers. If you would like to participate head on over to her site for the topic and the image. This week’s topic:

Free Topic or Previous Topic:  And since I didn’t get to participate in Book Crush, that’s what I chose!

And of course you all should already know who my pick is.  YUP…that charming shape shifter Jacob Black.  I’ll never tire of this kid.  I love him to pieces, faults and all.  And if you missed my character profile on JB, the links are below!  They really detail all the reasons I love me some Jacob Black.  Can’t wait to see him in Breaking Dawn, or Abduction.  Yeah…Taylor Lautner is no longer Taylor Lautner.  He’ll always be Jacob Black to me, so that’s what I’mma call him.

Character Profile: Part I  – PartIIPart III

Honorable Mention:  Trent July from The Blessings Series by Beverly Jenkins.  Trent is so sweet, yet so rugged that I can’t lurves it.  If ever there were a man to make a girl swoon, he’s it.   I think my Trent would be something like Will Smith circa Bad Boys.

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10 Responses to “Why I Love Wednesdays: Free or Previous Topic”

  1. O right on 🙂 Trent sounds like a cutie.

  2. Lena says:

    I already knew JB would be your pick. That boy has got you wrapped around his finger. 🙂 I do love Will Smith from Bad Boys II era. He was his sexiest then, and he looked pretty darn good in I am Legend as well.

    I can’t believe you put Marlon Wayans out to pasture. Poor Marlon. lol.

  3. I can only laugh. LMBO. Happy Reading to You my dearie. lol

  4. Missie says:

    Will Smith circa Bad Boys set me on fire more than once! I mean, look at those arms. *melts*

    Whenever I see Taylor Lautner, I think JB. Just like that dude that played Harry Potter. LOL

  5. I’ve been waiting for the post forever! I love how he will always be Jacob Black to you 🙂 that’s so cute. Will Smith around Bad Boys…whoa…steamy. Just the thought of him made me smile and giggle a bit. Oh my oh my.

    Oh and what you did…dropping Marlon like that…just shameful! Lol.

    • Jade Jade says:

      Yes Will in Bad Boys…lets just say I watched the running scene with him and his shirt open many a times…in slow motion..ahem. And Marlon will always be my boo! He just doesn’t fit the mental pic I have of any book characters at present.