Review: Wait Till Your Vampire Gets Home by Michele Bardsley
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Publisher: Penguin
Copyright: 2008
Published: November 4, 2008
Pages: 308
Form: Paperback
Series: Broken Heart Series Book #4
Author: Michele Bardsley
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It’s one thing to date a single father with emotional baggage…but quite another to date one who’s dead.

It’s only because of my work as a paranormal investigator that I, Libby Monroe, end up in a town like Broken Heart, Oklahoma, chasing down bizarre rumors of strange goings-on–and finding vampires, lycanthropes, and zombies.  Oh, my!

I never expected to fall in lust, but sexy vampire Ralph Genessa is too irresistable.  The fact that he’s the loving father of twin boys drives the nail into my coffin and wins my undying love.  And you know what they say: Home is where the heart is.  Only this town is being torn in two by a war between the undead, and I may be the only thing that can hold Broken Heart together.

My Thoughts:

This one gets a meh from me.  While it wasn’t horrible, it did fail to keep my attention like the previous books in this series.  Libby Monroe finds herself in Broken Heart as a paranormal investigator.  When she happens upon a vampire in a cemetery, mayhem ensues, and Libby is turned into a dragon.  Not sure what to do with Libby, the residents of Broken Heart try to keep her in town to learn more about her new nature. Unfortunately there is someone after her new found power, who’ll stop at nothing to obtain it.

Although I absolutely adore Broken Heart and it’s paranormal residents, I wasn’t really feeling this installment.  Libby, though cute and sweet, just really didn’t impress me and I found her quite boring compared to the other heroines of this series.  She was pretty insecure and a bit immature at times.  I also found her to be focused on the wrong things at the wrong times.

I did like Ralph, Libby’s love interest, but there wasn’t enough of him.  Besides the previous characters, Ralph was the most interesting in the book, but for a hero, his part was limited in my opinion.  I think the author could have utilized him more.  Ralph was sweet and sensitive.  Not the typical alpha male hero, but his appeal was subtle.  I loved the affection he had for his twin boys, and how he opened himself to Libby.

Overall, it was alright.  Certainly not as riveting as past books, but I’ll continue on with this series nonetheless.

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9 Responses to “Review: Wait Till Your Vampire Gets Home by Michele Bardsley”

  1. you know what I love about you? Besides that I just love you? Is that you give this a meh…but you’re still plugging ahead with the series…. Aren’t you done with the undead yet girl? Move on to the living….. tee hee hee!!!!

    • Jade says:

      LOL, thanks Brenda. I figure I did really enjoy the first three books, so maybe the author just hit a bit of a lull. I’m hopeful the series will pick back up.

  2. Missie says:

    I’ve heard very little of this series, and I’ve always wondered why, but I guess it has to do with that meh feeling some of the books in the series leave you with.

    Still, you can’t deny the titles are fun, and the covers are cute. Hope the series picks up for you again.

  3. Brie says:

    Hi Jade!

    I read a book by this author, it’s called Never Again (I think they are the same person), that book was about wizards, the world was interesting but the book was meh, so I guess poor Michelle is getting a lot of “meh” reviews. To be hones,t just that part where she gets turned into a dragon is a too much, I like PNRs but not when they are over the top. I think I’ll skip this one.

    Did you have trouble writing this review? I always find hard writing reviews for books I consider average, never know what to say, sometimes I’m not even sure why the book didn’t work for me…

  4. Brie says:

    BTW, tomorrow I’m reviewing another m/m romance where the hero is kind of damaged and now I can’t stop thinking about your comment in my previous review, I guess I do have a thing about damaged gay guys! LOL

  5. As series go along, it becomes difficult to stay invested. It’s like you already know what to expect. Fab review 🙂