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Review and Interview: Confessions of a PTA Mafia Mom by Elsie Love
Monday July 25, 2011 at 12:30 am |

confessionsofaptamafiamom-elPublisher: Dare Empire
Copyright: 2011
Published: May 26, 2011
Pages: 325
Form: E-Book (Provided by Author)
Author: Elsie Love

Elaine Jackerson has found herself in quite a predicament. Her husband, Bob, is sleeping with his secretary, her daughter is experimenting in the backseat with random boys, and her eight year old wants nothing to do with her.

In an attempt to get herself out of her midlife rut, Elaine joins the Herschel Grammar School PTA. Little does she know, Suni Calverson, the current president has handpicked her to be the newest member of the group. As soon as the ink is dry on the signup sheet, Elaine is thrust into a world that she never knew existed. A world where the PTA gets things done with blackmail, bribes, threats and quite possibly guns.

My Thoughts:

Honestly the concept for this book is so absurd that it’s brilliant and I loved being thrust into Elaine’s cooky world.  When Elaine is basically singled out and forced to sign up for her son’s PTA, she tries everything to get out of it.  But she reluctantly goes along with the program when they essentially make her a new person and she discovers her husband’s infidelity.  They convince her to take a much needed trip to Vegas and while she’s there, she begins to unfold their sinister plans.

Poor Lanie, I sure felt bad for her.  She’s the typical housewife whose fallen into a rut.  Her kids want nothing to do with her, she has no motivation to take care of herself, and her husband is having an affair.  So immediately I’m rooting for her and waiting to see how she pulls herself together.  I must admit the PTA mafia aspect turned out to be completely different than what I was anticipating.  I thought she would use the PTA as a vehicle to become a better version of herself, and while that’s partly true, I didn’t expect the mayhem that the PTA would bring to her life.

I love Lainie as a heroine because she’s unassuming and grows more and more uninhibited the longer she stays in Vegas.  She learns to let loose a bit and to just follow her emotions instead of over thinking every move.  I was also a fan of Ben, the young Hawaiian man she meets in Vegas.  There was something very charming about him and I loved his openness and honesty.

This book kept me on the edge of my seat as the story slowly unfolded and Lainie began to uncover a plot to have her family taken from her.  It was entertaining to see how she would deal with the situation from so far away.  I was impressed when her inner mama bear came forth and she showed us her more assertive side.  I also love that she didn’t go for the okey doke and made the necessary changes that was best for her and her children.

Overall I really loved this book.  It was such a different idea and it was well written and expertly paced.  I will definitely be checking out Elsie’s work to come.

I also had the opportunity to interview Elsie Love.  I loved her answers so if you’d like to know more about Elsie, please check out the interview below

1.  While reading Confessions of a PTA Mafia Mom, I thought if nothing else, it’s certainly a unique and interesting story.  How did you come up with the idea for this story?

Okay Elsie, stay calm. From the tone of this question, I suspect you are dealing with a high ranking veteran of the PTA, sent to ‘interview’ you. Give nothing away…Can I plead the fifth? In lieu of total silence, I’ll go with sweeping generalizations. Over the years I’d begun to refer to my local PTA as ‘the PTA mafia’.  As an outsider (single mom to three wonderful, but slightly challenged kiddos) I always had my nose pressed against the glass, trying to figure out how to get/fit in. Fast forward a couple of decades add a snarky sense of humor sprinkled with a lack of patience for the small minded minority, and there you go.

2.  How do you get in the mood to write.  Is there a ritual or routine you follow?

I tend to consume copious amounts of ice cream and other thigh spreading goodies. Beyond my food obsessions, I just try to make sure I sit every day & write. There are periods of time where all I accomplish are blog rants/book reviews, but it still counts. I actually credit blogging for the vast improvements in my writing this past year.

3.  What other projects have you completed and what can we expect from you in the future?

My first two books, Killer on the Key and Opals & Rubies are spine tingling thrillers, published under the pen name E.B. Loan. When I wrote Confessions I switched pen names due to the genre shift (in an effort to keep readers happy). I just had one of my shorts, Looking Glass Lilly picked up by Istoria Books for their popular LUNCH READS series. I don’t have a publication date—but it should be soon. At $0.99 for your eReader, it is a fabulous lunchtime/coffee break read. My fourth book, Sixty Pounds of Sh!t & Counting has 100 pages complete and roughly 80 more to prattle off. I’m hoping to have it agented/contracted by early spring.

4.  Who are some authors or writers who you draw inspiration from and have influenced you?

Anything that makes me laugh or cry gets a double thumbs up. I used to be a big horror buff as well, but as I age I find I can write horror, but I can’t read or watch it. S.E. Hinton struck a chord with me as a YA reader. I also adore Stephen King, OLD Anne Rice (yep, I feel the need to clarify), & Erma Bombeck. I consider her (Erma) to be a pioneer of sorts when it comes to women covering the taboo life topics.

5.  What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

If you write a book, see it through to print. In today’s wide open market, you can make it happen—and you should! You took the time, you put in the work; see it through to the very end.

A few random:

Favorite childhood book or story?

This will make my sister spit milk out of her nose, but honestly, I had a ‘Heroes of the Bible” book—and I loved the story of Ruth.  The Little House on the Prairie series was a favorite, along with my Disney Haunted Mansion book/record (the one with Ron Howard). I scored a copy of that on eBay a few years back—it is a treasure.

Do you prefer desktop, laptop, or tablet?


Favorite way to spend free time?

Nothing beats family movie night; but special ‘me’ time I spend floating on a raft in my backyard pool, margarita in one hand and a book in the other. A kindle (as much as I adore mine) can’t do that.

The review of Confessions of a PTA Mafia Mom by Elsie Love is apart of the Elsie Love Blog Tour hosted by CLP Blog Tours! Please click HERE for a list of other blogs on the tour.

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10 Responses to “Review and Interview: Confessions of a PTA Mafia Mom by Elsie Love”

  1. Samantha says:

    Love your review and interview Jade! The concept is so fun 🙂

  2. Elsie Love says:

    Thank you for taking the time to read & review ‘Confessions’. So glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Jade Jade says:

    @ Samantha, thanks the concept was superb and so unique.

    @ Elsie, it was my pleasure. I can’t wait to read more from you.

  4. Sounds way fun. Love the cover.

  5. Great interview! Love the quirky humor :-).

  6. Missie says:

    One should never underestimate the importance of thigh spreading goodies. 😛

    The story sounds thoroughly engaging. Thanks for the review and interview.

  7. Belle says:

    Jade this was an excellent interview! The book sounds hilarious and I bet I can find something in common with this protagonist. Thanks!

  8. Jade Jade says:

    @ JuJu, I liked the cover too.

    @ M. Chritine Weber, thank you!

    @ Missie , the book really does draw you in. Thanks fors stopping by.

    @ Belle, Thanks! The premise of the book was funny and it was a totally great read.

  9. Great interview! Oh this sounds fun. I love cooky. You definitely sold me on this one.