Review: Bit the Jackpot by Erin McCarthy
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Publisher: Penguin
Copyright: 2006
Published: December 5, 2006
Pages: 291
Form: Paperback
Author: Erin McCarthy
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Campaign manager-and vampire-Seamus Fox has had his fill of women, since he’s been keeping tabs on his presidential candidate’s wife and female entourage.  But suddenly he finds himself obsessed with a mysterious stripper who dances behind a screen.  The sultry, yet shy, Cara Kim whets his appetite for more.  Leave it to Seamus to fall fangs over feet for that rarest of Vegas attractions-a good girl.  After a sudden run-in on the street, though, they may soon have a lot more in common. . .

My Thoughts:

I was excited to continue this series since I enjoyed the first book High Stakes so much,  but this one fell a bit short for me.  Although the first book really had no plot to speak of, somehow I still thoroughly enjoyed the story.  But what worked for the first book was non-existent in this one.  While Seamus Fox, is a fox, he just didn’t really capture me.  There were parts of him that I found interesting, like his senitivity and understanding, but he could have been so much more.

Cara was cool but I found myself a bit exasperated with her at times.  Whereas the first book was full of witty banter and chemistry between the female and make lead, this one was not.  Seamus and Cara together as a couple was a bit boring and silly.  Some of the dialogue was unrealistic and contrived and I had a hard time wanting to keep reading about them.

I also didn’t like that every dire situation they all found themselves in always tied up very easily and neatly.  There was little to no fight, bad guys just gave up and gave in, and all the lead characters seemed to get out of every situation too cleanly.

I’m going to continue on with the series because there are a few unanswered questions and some things that need to be resolved with secondary characters and I’d like to see how it wraps up.  This one didn’t keep my attention like the first but I’m hoping we’ll get back on track with the third book.

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7 Responses to “Review: Bit the Jackpot by Erin McCarthy”

  1. O bummer. I hate when that happens. Good luck getting those questions answered.

  2. BookBelle says:

    Disappointing seconds – I’m so familiar with how you’re feeling.

  3. i can’t stand it when the second of a series leavings you feeling disappointed…..

  4. Brie says:

    I have read a couple of Erin’s books but not this series, it didn’t sound that interesting and based on your review I guess I was right. It sucks when you like the first book but then the sequel falls short.
    Did you change something in your comments? Something looks different but I can’t pinpoint it…

  5. Missie says:

    Bum deal. Sometimes you can easily spot books that are forced into the series, like it takes a while for the story to find it’s groove. I hope the next book reads better for you.

  6. blodeuedd says:

    Sorry to hear that this oen did not work out :/ It sucks if that other book was so good. Cos it does sound fun

  7. Great honest review. This seems to happen a bit in series. The ups and downs can be frustrating but hopefully it will be worth it in the end.