Review: Mark of the Lion by Suzanne Arruda
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Publisher: New American Library
Copyright: 2006
Published Date: December 1, 2006
Pages: 352
Form: Paperback
Author: Suzanne Arruda
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As the last dying wish of a dear friend, Jade del Cameron sets off to East Africa to find his brother and discover the circumstances behind his father’s suspicious death.  After driving an ambulance for the war in France, Jade find a new purpose and adventure when she begins her quest to find the brother her dead friend David just discovered he had.  While in Africa Jade learns of the beliefs of witches and magic held by an African tribe, and begins to think there is more to the story of Gil Worthy’s death than meets the eye.  After Jade is stalked by various animals bearing a specific mark, she begins to suspect that maybe magic really does exist and the tribe isn’t as crazy as everyone suspects.  Joined by her good friends, while on safari, Jade begins to finally unravel the mystery shrouding David’s lost brother and deceased father.




 My Thoughts:

This book really surprised me.  I have to be truthful and tell you I only really bought it because I wanted to read a mystery and the heroine’s name was Jade.  My name is Jade so my vanity was definitely at play in my choice of book here!  As I began reading I had my doubts as to whether or not I would really enjoy this book.  As I had been discovering and loving historicals though, I thought I’d give it a try even though the period is not what I’m used to.  I’m glad I stuck with it.

I will say this book started off very slowly.  The heroine as an ambulance worker during the war was pretty brilliant to me.  I love that she had a great purpose outside of her own wants and comfort zone.  But the story kind of dragged in the beginning.  From almost the beginning we know what her mission is; to find her recently deceased friend’s lost brother, and discover how his father died as the circumstances were suspicious.  So when she gets to Nairobi, I’m expecting her to just jump right into her assignment since she is so driven by her friend’s last wish.  But she meets some locals and gets familiar with the area and the people before anything really starts happening.

I will say the author does almost immediatley start playing up the back story that will eventually tie into everything.  And strange things do begin to happen to and around Jade but to me it doesn’t seem as if she is actively looking for clues to Gil Worthy’s death or the loction of his other son.  There are many opportunities to ask questions and inquire about things that she just lets slip by or she’s not as firm or persistant as she could be.  Especially considering she’s from the West.

But when her friends Beverly and Avery arrive, things finally seem to pick up and Jade begins to slowly uncover the mystery surrounding Gil Worthy and his lost son.  Once they go on their Safari things really begin to start happening and that’s when I finally found myself really engrossed in the book.  But unfortunately the Safari starts when more than half the book is done.  I would have like to get to all the action a bit sooner, or at least have a bit more in the first half.  But as slow as the first half began is how fast the second half picked up and it did not disappoint.

With several animal attacks, the uncovering of the identity of Gil’s surviving son, and the discovery of the ‘map of rings’, Jade thinks she has it all figured out until the true intentions of her traveling companions surface.  Fueled by David’s last dying wish and an uncanny will to survive, Jade finally learns the truth of Gil’s second son and discovers a murderer in their midst.

Overall it was a great story and I recommend reading it if you like mysteries and period pieces.  Jade del Cameron is a great heroine with great personality.  She’s very likeable and definitely believable.  Great story, pick it up!  I’ll defintely be getting the other books in this series.

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3 Responses to “Review: Mark of the Lion by Suzanne Arruda”

  1. Chanpreet says:

    I have read all of Suzanne Arruda’s Jade del Cameron’s books and I have loved them all! It’s just something about the way she writes. I can see Africa so vividly in her words. It’s the history, the location , the magic of the continent. It makes me envy those who got to see it when it was pristine, back before man messed it all up.

  2. Jade jadaloves says:

    I have to agree with you! I can definitely picture Africa very vividly while reading this book. Thanks for the endorsement of the other books, now I’m anxious to read those as well!

  3. Samantha says:

    Whenever a characters name is mine, I can only picture them physically looking like me! lol