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Character Corner Profile: Jacob Black (Part One)
Monday July 18, 2011 at 12:54 am |

Name: Jacob Black
Age: 15 -17
Birthday: January 14, 1990
Height: 6’2 – 7′
Race: Native American
Tribe: Quileute
Home: La Push, Washington
Father: Billy Black
Mother: Sarah Black (deceased)
Siblings: Older Twin Sisters, Rachel and Rebecca Black
Abilities: Shape Shifter
Skills/Hobbies: Excellent at Building and Repairing Cars (and people)

From his small debut in Twilight, there was something about the Jacob Black kid that I instantly liked. I had no second thoughts about him, no reservations. I knew, in an instant, that he was GOOD, and that as I found out more about him, I would fall deeper and deeper for him. But I never knew the love for this character would lead me here, to this site, and pouring it all out into this profile. Jacob Black is one of few characters I still think about, long after his story has ended.


From the very beginning, even when Jacob only appeared in chapter six of Twilight, he was so alive.
-Stephanie Meyer

I’m Jacob Black . . . You bought my dad’s truck.
— Twilight: Chapter 6

In the beginning there was something very innocent and naive about Jacob, and I was completely drawn to that. I mean any boy who would remember making mud pies as a child with a girl has to be pretty damn special. Initially Jacob had a very pure view of the world, and certainly of the girl he lost his heart to. So much so that he couldn’t recognize, or didn’t want to, that he was being manipulated for information by one Bella Swan. Or maybe he was just so happy to be in her presence, he didn’t care. I loved that Jacob was so happy and naive. I think his biggest flaw in Twilight, was the fact that he was so eager to please others, especially Bella. But I guess that was a big part of what set in motion all the events to come. To me things got real interesting, when Jacob became involved, and actively began fighting for the love of a girl, who would never truly appreciate or deserve him.


Jacob was my first experience with a character taking over—a minor character developing such roundness and life that I couldn’t keep him locked inside a tiny role.
– Stephanie Meyer

I told him you were planning to corrupt my youthful innocence
— New Moon: Chapter 9

And thus the love affair begins. I loved reading New Moon because it gave me Jake. And Jacob, he’s Sort of Beautiful, no? I couldn’t believe how bad Bella fell apart, really it got on my nerves. But just like those bikes, Jacob was there to put her back together again. And he did a damn fine job for a sixteen year old, who was experiencing love for the very first time. I felt at ease, and relaxed, and good when Jake was around. Seriously, he was the most amazing friend she could have ever hoped for, and even more so after his shift. Poor Jake, he had to deal with a lot, and didn’t have the benefit of being alive for a century to figure it all out. He was hit with burgeoning love, a new found identity, and the responsibility of keeping his friends and family safe from their biggest threat all at once. No warning, just some legends that he never knew were founded in truth. He’s protective, strong, warm, and could be the poster boy for loyalty and faithfulness.

Jacob is a bit immature, but he’s trying to figure it all out and doesn’t always know the right thing to do or say. But guess what, that’s what made him real, and human. The fact that he wasn’t this all perfect being who could do no wrong. He was realistic, and I felt as if he could really be my best friend. It was amazing to me to see the amount of responsibility he accepted and had to adjust to. Up late hunting for hours, hardly resting, and above all, protecting his loved ones. And visually I love how they interpreted the different stories. While Twilight was mostly tinged in blue and coldness, New Moon had more of a soft orange aura throughout the film. Representing the sun, warmth, love, and Jacob Black.  To me it’s very CLEARLY evident that Bella is indeed in love with Jacob.  Just in the very loving way she describes him, how she visibly relaxes in his presence, and in how eager she is to be with and around him.  She is a very different person when she’s with Jake.  She was someone I could almost tolerate.  Less inhibited, much less serious and uptight.  I liked who she was with Jacob much better than the mewling, pathetic, clingy little girl she was with Edward.  Everything she felt for him I felt for him as well as I was reading.  But it frustrated me, that she didn’t recognize until the eleventh hour what the hell was going on.  I loved how Jacob instinctively knew things about her and made moves to accommodate her without her having to ask or tell him.  She never had to say a word, Jacob just knew.  And she would confide in him and tell him things that she wouldn’t dare share with Edward.  And in my opinion, if you have to be guarded with the one you love, then what the hell is the point?  Jake and Bells had an easy friendship, and a very special kinship.  Great basis for a romance, but poor Jake was never enough.

Did you know, you’re sort of beautiful?
Bella Swan, New Moon, Chapter 8, p.192

When the advanced reading copies began to fall into the hands of my fans, I asked people read New Moon twice, promising that I would explain why later. It’s later, and this is why: the first time through New Moon, I’ve found that readers are so anxious about the absence of Edward that they can’t settle into the middle portion of the book. They skim and speed read and flip ahead until, at last, they find him again. However, at that point they’ve missed the main section of the novel almost completely. On a second reading, knowing that Edward will return to the story at the proper place and time, the reader can slow down and enjoy the wondrousness that is Jacob Black.
– Stephanie Meyer

Jacob was simply a perpetually happy person, and he carried that happiness with him like an aura, sharing it with whoever was near him. Like an earthbound sun, whenever someone was within his gravitational pull, Jacob warmed them. It was natural, a part of who he was. No wonder I was so eager to see him.
Bella Swan, New Moon, Chapter 6, p.145

Wolf/Shapeshifter Profile:

Position: Beta (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse), Alpha (Breaking Dawn)

  • Wolf telepathy: While in wolf form Jacob can telepathically hear and speak to the rest of his pack.  Provided they are also in wolf form.
  • Regeneration: As a shapeshifter Jacob heals at a much faster rate than a normal human being.  It is so powerful that not even a bullet could kill him.  Cuts and scratches are healed within seconds while more major injuries heal within minutes.
  • Abnormal Body Temperature: Jacob’s normal body heat is not that of a normal human.  At around 108 degrees, Jacob can easily withstand cold and rainy weather without getting frostbite.
  • Phase on the Fly: Jacob seems to be more advanced in his phasing than all of the other wolves.  He seems to have taken to the shifting process more naturally with the ability to phase in the air or whenever he needs.  Something that even Alpha leader Sam has not mastered.
  • Alpha Voice/Command: Being the natural born leader and Alpha (according to lineage), Jacob can use the Alpha voice to command or counter command.  It is his birthright, and he can use it even though he’s allowed Sam the Alpha position.  He has no use for this until Breaking Dawn.  (How proud were you when he took his rightful place)?
  • Option of Immortality: Jacob has the option to be immortal as well.  As long as he phases into his wolf form regularly, he will no longer age physically.
  • Imprinting: Apparently this doesn’t happen for every wolf, but many do.  It is basically the instant ‘knowing’ of when a wolf finds or encounters his soulmate.  It can only happen after they have phased for the first time.  So they may have seen their soulmates all of their lives, and never knew who they were to them until they phased for the first time.  In imprinting they become whatever their soulmate needs in that specific phase of their life whether it be friend, brother, or lover.
  • Increased Physical Attributes: Jacob and all the shapeshifters are all much more muscular.  They have amazing stamina, energy, and durability.  They can run for very long periods of times in human and wolf form, at super increased speeds.

Join me for part two, tomorrow!  Please feel free to leave your comments, thoughts, or anything I’ve forgotten, left out, or even mixed up. 

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9 Responses to “Character Corner Profile: Jacob Black (Part One)”

  1. That was fantastic. He was/is by far my favorite Twilight character.

  2. Missie says:

    Wow! This is an extensive (and kind of obsessive) profile view of Jacob. LOL

    You’re awesome, Jade. This post reminded me of all the reason why I <3 Jake. He is my favorite little brother type of character.

    I remember when SM asked her fans to read NM twice. It was definitely great advice. I remember being so anxious for the return of Edward. But I definitely felt more relaxed and at peace with the happening in NM on the re-read.

  3. Jade Jade says:

    @ JuJu thanks! Jacob (obviously) was definitely my fave as well.

    @ Missie, YES! There are very few fictional characters I become really obsessed about. Matter of fact it’s only two that I love as if they were real. So I figured, if I would do the profile, I’d try to be thorough and really think it through and put it all out there. Caue to me there were so many wonderful things about Jacob that the audience missed. Or maybe it’s just all perception? Who knows. Anyway, thanks for stopping by.

  4. Oh my gosh you make me feel like a slacker. You really honed in all the amazing things about Jake. I will definitely be back for part II.

    AND Bella really annoyed me in New Moon. Like really. I’m more of a fan of both Jake and Edward than I am of Bella.

  5. Jade Jade says:

    @ Alexis, Thanks! I have to agree. Although I’m not an Edward fan…I do like him MUCH better than Bella and I really feel as if she wasn’t deserving of either of them. Edward, in my opinion was too good for her as well. She just needed to get her life together.

  6. lena says:

    Great character profile. We can definitely tell which team you’re on. I learned a lot of interesting things about Jacob. I haven’t read all the books, but it might be worth it to give them all a try. Thanks for the hard work you put in profiling JB.

  7. Jade Jade says:

    @ Lena, thank you. This took forever but it was pretty fun to put together. I think I might do some more in the future. Also, the only really interesting one’s are 2-4. The first was a Snoozer, but necessary for background info.

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