Back in the Day I Used to Love 9.12.2011
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Fifth grader Bradley Chalkers is bright, imaginative, antisocial and friendless. Unlike the kids at school, who hate him, Bradley’s collection of chipped and broken little pottery animals allows him to be brave, smart and vulnerable; he uses them to resolve the rejection of peers and adults. Jeff, a new boy at school, offers friendship but then withdraws his offer, because Bradley is hard to like. Enter Carla Davis, new school counselor, who is caring and funny, and who gradually helps restore Bradley’s self-confidence. Feelings and emotions are strongly evoked in this touching and serious story of a disturbed child that is infused with humor and insight.

My Thoughts:

I adored this book as a child and I think I must have read it at least three times. Louis Sachar wrote some great books and There’s A Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom was among my favorites. Bradley Chalkers is a bully and withdrawn, but you end up being completely charmed by him despite his flaws. He is a well drawn out character that you just have to root for. And I love that Carla Davis sees beyond his outer shell into the shy boy just bursting to be loved and understood. Such a great little story. I can’t wait to share it with my nephew when he gets old enough.

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One Response to “Back in the Day I Used to Love 9.12.2011”

  1. I remember loving this book (we are such book twins…) but I don’t remember it much. I’m getting old I guess. Great post.