The following are some of my most favorite books and series that I tend to read over and over!


Jude Deveraux:


Beverly Jenkins:


Stephenie Meyer:

**This series introduces my most favorite character EVER!  I fell head over heels for Jacob Black, the Quilutes, and of course the Wolf Pack.  I absolutely adore Jacob and everything he stands for.  He’s such a sincere, pure, and honest person.  He’s just an all around good guy!  His character alone made this series worth reading.  If it hadn’t been for Jacob Black, I think I would have burned Twilight!


Francis Ray:


J.K. Rowling:


**OMG, probably THE most PHENOMENAL series I’ve ever read.  I simply could not get enough of Harry and Hogwarts.  Such a riveting and enchanting tale of a boy with special powers and his friends fighting for all things right in the world.  You’re guaranteed to fall in love with Harry, Ron, Hermoine and Hogwarts, just as I did.