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T.V. Talk: Game of Thrones (Season Two)
Tuesday May 15, 2012 at 3:00 am |

Please tell me I’m not the only one watching this show!  I enjoyed and was entertained by Season One, but this season is PHENOMENAL!  It’s so compelling that I can’t tear my eyes away, and I cannot WAIT until Sunday gets here each week.  All the drama, and sneakiness, and scheming, and war strategy is amped up this season. And the mystery of the wolves has me captivated.

Character Run-Down: (Correct me if I’m wrong please!)

House Stark

Rob Stark:

AKA The Young Wolf.  Rob has taken over as King of the North in his father’s stead, after he was beheaded in season one  After the Lannisters killed his father and essentially held his sisters prisoner, Rob has declared war on the Lannisters and so far he’s kicking ass in battle.  He’s captured Jamie Lannister and is holding him prisioner and using him as a bargaining chip.  In the midst of war, Rob has become enamored with young Lady Telesia, who is helping the injured and wounded.  He’s actually kind and rather magnificant, and even pretty cute.  Too bad he’s promised to another as his mother keeps reminding him.

Lady Stark:

The mother of the Stark girls and boys.  I would describe her as sort of a diplomat.  She goes hither and thither trying to help her son negotiate terms, secure allies, and glean information.  This woman is brave, intelligent, and resourceful.  Her children are lucky to have her as a mother as she is fierce in her protection of them.  And often times with her, mother knows best.  She has really rallied behind Rob since her husband died, and has the ability to inspire loyalty in others.  She is a valuable asset to her family.

Sansa Stark:

Poor Sansa.  She is now promised to Joffrey Lannister, the new young king.  At first she was thrilled that she would one day be a queen.  But after realizing her husband-to-be’s cruelty, Sansa is not so happy and is just trying to survive the Lannisters and their special brand of crazy.  She desperately wants to go home, but must put on a brave face and navigate her way as best she can through her current reality.

Arya Stark:

I LOVE this little girl.  She is a survivor if I ever saw one, and probably one of the most clever characters on the show.  She’s not one to lay down and take a beating.  Arya will fight to the death if she has to.  She has a warrior’s spirit and a fierce determination to  survive and see justice done for all the horrible things that have happened to her and her family at the hands of the Lannisters.  She’s very intelligent and a master at blending in when she needs to.  Her fortitude and spirit is admirable.

Bran Stark:

Bran is an interesting character.  After being crippled by Jamie Lannister, Bran frequently dreams of a three-eyed crow, and a powerful wolf skulking the grounds.  But in his dreams he is the wolf.  He can’t help but feel these dreams mean something more and I am inclined to believe him.  Bran has taken over Winterfell in Rob’s absence, and finds himself unseated by Theon Greyjoy, a former adopted son of the Starks.  Bran and his younger brother have escaped with two hands…we think.

Jon Snow:

Jon is the bastard son of the now deceased Ned Stark.  He left Winterfell and joined the Night Watch.  Jon is intriguing to me as he is too young and too cute to have sworn an oath to never bed a woman.  Jon is extremely focused on his duties and quite a powerful warrior. He has found himself in many a dangerous situation, but always seems to finagle his way out of them.  Currently he is being tempted by a Wildling woman, and is now surrounded by Wildlings and in danger again!  I wonder how he’ll work himself out of this one!

Theon Greyjoy:

This dude has thoroughly pissed me off.  As a boy his father went to war with the Starks.  He was either taken or given to the Starks during this time and was raised as one of them.  They considered and regarded him as family.  So when he went to his real father on behalf of the Starks to ask for their allegiance and a fleet of ships, he ends up betraying the Starks and conquering Winterfell in Rob’s absence.  What a sniveling, sneaky little snot he is.  I hope he gets his just due.  Rob has vowed to end him himself and I want to see that for his deceitfulness and cruelty.

This is the summary of House Stark.  Join me next week as I profile the Lannisters.  I’m so intrigued by this show, like a true book nerd, I will be picking up the books and reading them.  I’m sure they are full of details they can’t cover in the series, though they are doing an amazing job with it.  If you haven’t been watching this show I implore you to catch up.  Watch the first season on Netflix and then catch up on the second.  You won’t be disappointed!

Game  of Thrones airs on HBO every Sunday @ 9:00 PM!

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Written by Jade

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16 Responses to “T.V. Talk: Game of Thrones (Season Two)”

  1. I’ve never seen Games of Thrones but I’v been meaning to. I usually enjoy HBO Mini series, so I’ll have to see if I can catch it one Netflix.

  2. My husband watches the season. I haven’t gotten into it. I’m glad you’re really enjoying the season.

  3. I love this show!!! I watch each ep twice to make sure I didn’t miss anything because every detail seems important!

    I can’t wait until Robb kills Theon! I hope it happens soon because I hate him.

    • Jade Jade says:

      I generally end up watching them twice as well. The show is soooo good! I also cannot wait for Theon to be killed. That sounds so morbid but he’s not worthy of living among civilized people.

  4. I’m ashamed to admit I actually haven’t watched a single episode of this one! 😮 I know so many LOVE it and I’ve been told I have to see it and yet… I fail. Lol. I’m seriously intrigued though!

  5. You’re watching this too?? Everyone keeps telling me that I have to start and yet I’m still an entire season behind LOL!! But I loved your rundown on the characters — and I’m especially intrigued about this Bran kid! Part because he’s holding an arrow in the picture, and part because his dreams sound creepy-cool! 😉

    So… I’m off to borrow my uncle’s boxed set of season one! With all of my favourite shows ending for the season (Vampire Diaries! Smash! Secret Circle! How I Met Your Mother!), I’m going to need a new obsession to get me through the summer! x)

    • Jade Jade says:

      Goody! Yes this show is AMAZING! Once you get all the people and politics down it’s so easy to fall into this show and not want to come out.

  6. I’ve only seen 3 episodes of the first season. I started to watch it but I ended up getting distracted by The Wire. I’ve been meaning to catch up. Everyone is raving about it. I feel left out 🙂

  7. I’ve heard such great things about this show and the books. I need to watch it or read the books already.

  8. Molli says:



    SO MUCH.

    I used to adore Theon, and am now hoping something falls on his head and crushes him. UGH. What a little turd.

    And Arya! I fully believe that Arya is the smartest of all the Starks and the likeliest to survive!

  9. […] last two weeks I’ve went over the players in House Stark, and the Players in House Lannister.  This post will introduce the other characters in the show […]