T.V. Talk (2): Game of Thrones (Season Two)
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I’m beyond fascinated by this show, and it just gets better every week.  Last week I profiled House Stark and promised to give the run down on House Lannister this week.  This show has A LOT of characters, but after watching a bit, they are fairly easy to keep up with.  Especially once you understand what family or house they belong to.

Character Run-Down: (Correct me if I’m wrong please!)

House Lannister

Tywin Lannister:

Tywin Lannister is the father to Tyrion, Cersei, and Jamie Lannister.  He is also the battle strategist for House Lannister but is currently getting his ass kicked by Robb Stark.  Currently he is hanging out in some random castle full of prisoners.  He has claimed Arya for his “cup girl”, but has no idea that she is the Stark girl in disguise.  He finds her interesting and intelligent for someone so young and especially a girl.


Tyrion Lannister:

Edited 5/27/12 : (Thanks Missie!)

Probably the most intriguing character of this series, I’m always entertained when Tyrion is on screen.  He is the imp son of Tywin Lannister.  But he is probably the most likable of all the Lannisters.  He’s down to earth, intelligent, and a great planner.  Unfortunately for him, his family can’t stand him because he does not bite his tongue and will tell them all like it is.  And the fact that he is a little person  doesn’t help him at all.  But even though he’s tough as nails at times, he also has a kind spirit.  He takes no shit from his family or his bratty nephew who is the current King.


Cersei Lannister:

This lady disgusts me.  She is the current Queen of the Iron Throne and the mother of the young King, Joffrey Baratheon.  She’s sneaky and cunning, and schemed her way into having her son be King.  I say that because he is not the TRUE son of the King that was killed.  No, her son is a result of her having a long-term affair with…dun dun dun…her brother Jaime Lannister!  Yes these nasty asses are smashing each other and loving it.  I do believe they are in love with each other, but really, that shit is just nasty.  No wonder their son is crazy as all hell.

Jamie Lannister:

This man is despicable.  Besides the fact that he’s regularly boning his sister, he also shoved Bran Stark out of a window when he caught them in the act.  Now the boy is crippled.  I am losing no sleep over the fact that Jamie, the King Slayer, has been captured by Rob Stark and his army.  He’s just as sneaky and cunning as his sister, and has no regard for the lives of others outside of his loved ones.

Joffrey Baratheon:

Another little snot that I just can’t stand.  Something is truly wrong with this kid.  He is the young King currently occupying the Iron throne.  But as King he has no compassion for his people, or even the people he considers his loved ones.  He thinks being King gives him a pass to do whatever he wants.  He’s really into torture, beatings, and causing others physical and emotional pain.  He’s arrogant, bratty, whiny, and sadistic.  I really think he is psychologically unbalanced, and I would hate to be living under his rule.  He is a terrible King and stubborn.  He doesn’t like to take advice, and seems hell bent on pissing off everyone around him.

This is the summary of House Lannister.  Join me next week for the other major players in the series who believe that THEY have a claim to the Iron Throne.  Hopefully the last two posts have caught those of you up on the characters thus far.  It should be helpful if you should decide to jump in and start watching the show.

Game  of Thrones airs on HBO every Sunday @ 9:00 PM!


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10 Responses to “T.V. Talk (2): Game of Thrones (Season Two)”

  1. Wow, there really are a lot of characters. It’s good that they become easier to keep track of as you watch the show. I keep waiting for this show to pop up on Netflix so I can catch up; I wonder if I can request season 1 at my local library.

  2. I’m happy to admit to my crush on Tyrion! But he isn’t considered a ‘bastard’. He has the same parents as Jamie and Cersei. Their mother died giving birth to him.

    Joffrey sickens me.

  3. I just scanned this post as I’m hoping to to watch this show and I’m still on series one. These posts make me excited and want to hurry and watch.

  4. Brie says:

    It feels so wrong but I think Jamie (or “hot incestuous guy”, as I used to know him before learning his name) is so dreamy! LOL Very wrong, but there, I said it 😉 This show is very good, but season two has been a bit boring, I wonder if reading the books help enjoy it more…

  5. I confess that I’ve not seen the tv episodes yet. I’m still working through the books (I’m trying to enjoy them without cheating with the shows!). But I’m looking forward to seeing faces put to all of the names… :0)

  6. I loved the books but haven’t yet watched the 1st season. Might just be time to get to it.

  7. Jonnie Bagron says:

    Whats up. Very cool blog!! Guy .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I will bookmark your website and take the feeds also…I am happy to find numerous helpful info right here within the article. Thank you for sharing…

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