Review: Big Girls Do Cry by Carl Weber
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Publisher: Kensington Publishing
Copyright: 2010
Published: January 26, 2010
Pages: 425
Form: Paperback
Series: Big Girls Book Club (2)
Author: Carl Weber
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In this explosive follow-up to Something on the Side,two of the original members of the Big Girls Book Club have started a new chapter of BGBC in Richmond, Virginia. The same rules apply here: You must be at least a bodacious size 14 to join. . .

Living in the plush suburbs, thirty-seven-year-old Egypt has it all–almost. She’s happily married to Rashad, but there’s one thing missing. They want to start a family. Enter her sister, Isis, who’s moved into Egypt’s McMansion with dreams of starting over. There’s just one hitch: before her sister married Rashad, he was Isis’s man for ten years. Isis thought she was over him, but the close quarters are creating doubts. She’s ready to leave until Egypt and Rashad ask her for a serious favor. And Isis can’t say no–even if the price might be way too high for them all.

Meanwhile, Loraine–Egypt’s boss and one of BGBC’s newest members–may be in the running for her sorority’s next national president. But Loraine has secrets that could ruin her if they ever see the light of day. Now these book lovers are about to learn that drama can follow you wherever you go–and that big girls do cry.

My Thoughts:

As always Carl knows how to bring the crazy just the way I like it.  And with friends and family like the folks in this book, who needs enemies?!  Desperate to have a baby, Egypt asks her sister Isis, who also happens to be her husband’s former girlfriend, if she would be their surrogate.  This is all kinds of wrong off gate, but Isis agrees.  Not because she wants to help her sister, but because she has designs on using the baby to win Rashad back from her sister, despite her ongoing relationship with Tony, a married man.  Lorraine is torn between divorcing her husband and trying to work it out while her gay best friend Jerome thrives on ‘turning out’ married men.  Unfortunately his behavior has finally caught up with him when he’s stalked by one of his former paramours who gave up his wife and family for him.

This book is told from four POV’s.  We get the story first hand from the sisters Egypt and Isis, and best friends Loraine and Jerome.  Each chapter presents a different POV and this is one of the things I love about Weber’s work.  He knows how to hook you on his characters and he will have you longing for more at the close of each chapter.  And just when one story line starts heating up, you’re plunged into the mind and world of another, and you will be just as fascinated.

All of the characters in this book are tragically flawed, treacherous, or just down right trifling.  Perhaps the most manipulative and scheming character is Isis and I loved to hate her.  She does nothing for anyone without an ulterior motive, and is a master at manipulating a situation until it benefits her.  She’s sneaky and scandalous and cares nothing for anyone but herself.  But it was this strong, unwavering will that defined her personality, and even though I can’t stand her, her character was well done.

Wildly entertaining and morbidly fascinating, when it comes to high stakes and drama, Carl brings it every single time!  I really can’t get enough of his books and I am dying to get my hands on the next in this series.  Although this book is the follow-up to Something on the Side, it can be read as a stand-alone.  If you get these books (which you should), be prepared for surprises, upsets, and downright insanity.


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10 Responses to “Review: Big Girls Do Cry by Carl Weber”

  1. Four POVs? Oh wow! Usually I would think that’s a lot when I’m reading a book, but from the way you describe how the characters are so distinguished, it’s one of the things that’s intriguing me the most! This book sounds like the kind you’d read and gasp at the drama, which would be loads of fun! Isis and her scheming especially!

    Amazing review, Jade! <3 Sometimes I'm in the mood for a little insanity 😉

    • Jade Jade says:

      This is one of those books where the varying POV’s work perfectly. But all of Carl’s books are like this and they are excellent. He’s really eeked out a unique writing style.

  2. Ha! Getting a dose of crazy just the way you like it is always fun. Most times, if there are too many POVs, I tend to feel a bit overwhelmed, so it’s good to know that wasn’t the case here.

  3. Carl Weber is a MESS!!! love me some Carl W. Have not read any of his novels lately but I’m definitely going to get at this one.
    Hope you are feeling well these days.

    • Jade Jade says:

      Yes he is Sidne. I never tire of reading his books. He brings the crazy just the way I like it. I believe my mouth was hanging open more than a few times.

  4. Tamara says:

    I read Something On the Side a ways back, I had no clue that it was apart of a series. I’m going to have to check the other two books out. Nice review.

    • Jade Jade says:

      I didn’t either until I picked this one up. But it was a great second story. He wrote them in a way that they could stand alone though.

  5. Lol your review made me smile. I can’t help it that I’m drawn in to train wrecks and characters that are “downright trifling.” I’ll have to check out Weber for sure.

    • Jade Jade says:

      Me too Alexis. Sometimes I get in the mood for a book that I know will be full of drama. And Carl always delivers what I need.