Faves of 2011 Book Awards: The Books
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Earlier this year Nomes of Inkcrush hosted a mid-year book awards, and now she’s back with to complete the awards for the end of the year.  The awards will run this whole week for several different categories pertaining to books you’ve read this year.  From Nomes site she writes:


I love making lists, chatting about my favorite books and pondering over my reading year of 2011 ~ So I made up some categories to nominate and share what some of my favorite books of the year were…

Over one week in December, I will be running the same event on my blog ~ and I invite anyone who wants to join in on your blog… to join in.

The Rules:
Your answers come from books you read this year
(They don’t have to be limited to books that came out in 2011, obviously)

The Other Rules:
Do what you want
Skip a category, rearrange a category, smish some categories together. Create sub-categories and shout-outs…work it for you 🙂
Nominate multiple books for one category (when you are torn) or limit yourself to one
Challenge yourself to not use the same book more than once, or sprinkle the same books throughout half the categories…
Join in some days and forget the rest…
Whatever works for you. Have fun 🙂

To join in the fun, add your name to the linky, or for more details, please follow this link!  And without further ado, here is my list for day one: The Books!

1. favourite book read in 2011: 

I’d have to say my favorite reads of the year had to be the ENTIRE Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling and The Hunger Games and Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins.

2. most powerful book:

Without a doubt The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  This book had me enthralled from the first word and had me thinking and contemplating long after it ended.  I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the next two books in the series.  Though I wasn’t completely in love with how it all wrapped up, I have to admit that I was lost in the story about this girl and almost didn’t want it to end despite the gloominess of it.

3. brilliantly funny:


Hands down, Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging by Louise Rennison was the most brilliantly funny book I’ve read this year.  Though the whole book was hilarious, there was one point that I was literally doubled over with laughter, holding my stomach with tears falling form my eyes.  Though it’s written so simply, the author really has a way of pulling up the visuals of this girl’s shenanigans in your mind that you can’t help but be amused by this girl.

4. best ache-y, heart-breaking, tear-jerker read:

I’m usually not a very emotional reader, or anything else for that matter, but Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling did have me emotional and a bit teary while reading.  My heart cheered for their triumphs and ached so bad for the losses.  Such wonderful, and beautiful characters died and I was really hurt by some of them.

5. most beautiful story:


 LOVED this story.  It was the most beautiful story I’ve read this year with the sweetest love story.  I could so see what was coming, but the fact that the two characters didn’t until the end made it just enchanting.

6. delicious rainy day comfort read:

Savannah Blues by Mary Kay Andrews was a great rainy day comfort read.  Mary Kay Andrews has a wonderful way of making a reader feel comfortable and cozy while reading her books.  Because she’s great at creating this atmosphere, her books are perfect to read while it’s raining, because that’s when I want to feel most comfortable.

7. adrenalin-fuelled, unputdownable award:

All of these books had me up all night reading them.  I could barely put them down and read each of these books in a day or less.  They certainly made my eyes weary, but it I enjoyed every minute of them.  All of them are full of so much action and mystery that my adrenaline was going a mile a minute.

8. the beautiful prose award:

The Mistress’s Revenge by Tamar Cohen probably had the best prose of all the books I read this year.  I can’t help remembering thinking how the language at times reminded me of how those kids in Dawson’s Creek used to talk.  Although in real life you’d be hard pressed to find teens peak so beautifully, I used to love how mature and eloquent the characters sounded.  The language they used was awesome…this book put me in the mind of that.

9. most atmospheric and vivid setting:

I love all of these books.  Only Hers by Francis Ray I read at least once a year, and each of them really made me feel like I was actually in the story.  I could picture the settings in my mind so vividly and thoroughly.  The details are unquestionable.  The authors did a GREAT job creating the settings and world building.

10. i-so-want-to-go-there award:

HOGWARTS no doubt about it!  I would love to jump into the world of Harry Potter and go to school at Hogwarts!  I want to see Privet Drive, hang with the Weaseleys at their interesting and loving home, walk through the halls and corridors of the ministry, and run around Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade.  If it was in Harry Potter, I want to do it all!

11. most original and imaginative:


12. best under-appreciated, hidden gem book:

A Girl Like You by Gemma Burgess and Glorious by Patricia Snodgrass are both books that I think are hidden gems.  A Girl Like You is a sweet love story that needs to be read, and Glorious is an intriguing story about a town ripped apart and civil unrest in the 60’s.  Though they are very different stories, they’re both excellent reads.

13. i-had-no-idea-i-would-love this-so award:

All of these stories, though different were so fun and so enchanting that  I couldn’t put them down.

14. most haunting story:

I’m going to go with the literal interpretation and say that A Vision of Murder by Victoria Laurie, Secondhand Spirits by Juliet Blackwell and A Cast-Off Coven by Juliet Blackwell were the most haunting stories.  With tales of the paranormal, spirits, demons, these books did not fail to haunt or spook the tar out of me.

15. outside my comfort zone but gosh how i loved it:


Glorious by Patricia Snodgrass is not a book that I would normally pick up but I’m glad to have read it.  It was really a fascinating story and a worthwhile read.

16. series that i’m loving:

I’ve read or started so many great series this year that I’m just going to make a list:

The Harry Potter Series, J.k. Rowling
The Hunger Games Series, Suzanne Collins
The Lucy Valentine Series, Heather Webber
The Witchcraft Mystery Series, Juliet Blackwell
The Psychic Eye Series, Victoria Laurie
The Elder Races Series, Thea Harrision
The Iron Druid Chronicles, Kevin Hearne
The Stephanie Plum Series, Janet Evanovich
The Confessions of Georgia Nicolson Series, Louise Rennison

17.  always recommending this book award:

This is one of my all time favorites so I’m always recommending it to romance lovers.  I’ve also recommended Harry Potter and The Hunger Games a lot since reading them this year.

18. completely awesome premise award:

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  I just kept thinking how I couldn’t comprehend how the author came up with such an idea.  I really was just in awe while I was reading.

19.  would make the best movie:

Besides how they took liberties with the ending (WHY!!!!), I really did enjoy The Deathly Hallows and thought visually it was quite stunning.  And the fact that 95% of the movie looked as I’d pictured it in my head while reading was the best.

20.  want to re-read already:

The entire Harry Potter series.  Which is why I signed up for a HP challenge this year.  It will force me to re-read them and not ignore them for something I haven’t’ read yet.

That’s it for today!  Join me tomorrow for Day Two: The Characters!

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8 Responses to “Faves of 2011 Book Awards: The Books”

  1. Nomes says:

    Ooooh ~ this was your hunger games year 🙂 wOOT! so aweosme (that would be my pick as well)

    And I *seriously* love the Georgia Nicholson books <3

    Also ~ yay for Janet Evanovich. I seriously devoured that series a few years back (you have MUCH goodness ahead of you 😉

    xx Nomes

  2. Brenda says:

    I have got to get me a copy of the Hunger Games … everyone raves about it ..
    And I am so with you on The Mistress’ Revenge! What a book!

  3. Missie says:

    Yay! I’m so glad you got to read The Hunger Games this year. That book really did a number on me when I read it!

    And I’m adding your hidden gem to my wishlist. I love sweet love stories.

    P.S. The way those Dawson’s Creek kids used to talk really freaked me out. LOL

  4. reading rendezvous reviewz says:

    How I love this feature, its sooooo long. yelp, i’m running on low patience these days.lol. probably will be back to norm after i get some projects in order.
    i can recall reading reviews on some of the books.

  5. Oh oh I love your list and the categories. I read Truly Madly and didn’t read the best. You post made me want to go buy the next two right away. In fact, I think I will do that. I will continue to return to this post for some great reads.

  6. Brie says:

    Love your categories! They are so clever and help to keep the list short. My list is HUGE! I wanted to do a Top 10 but I ended with 30 books so I renamed it Best Of.
    I read A Girl Like You thanks to your review and I agree, it was a fantastic story. I also read To the Moon and Back by Jill Mansell thanks to your recs, you reviewed a different book but it made me want to read the author, and that book made it into my list, so thanks for that!
    I think I’ll get Only Hers next, so I can read it over the holidays.
    Great list!!

  7. Lena says:

    I agree with a majority of the books on your list, especially the Hunger Games as most powerful book and most imaginative. Great lists. I can tell from the list you are definitely a Hunger Games and Harry Potter fan. I’m surprised Twilight didn’t make any of the lists.