Oct 06 2016
Review: Anna and the Duke by Kathryn Smith
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annaandtheduke-ksPublisher: Avon
Published: May 1, 2002
Copyright: 2002
Pages: 304
Form: Paperback
Series: An Avon True Romance (3)
Author: Site | Facebook | Twitter

At the very least, anyone else in Anna Welsley’s position would be satisfied. Anna is to inherit a fortune, and after a glittering London debut last Season, she is now engaged to a duke’s son. Anna herself does not understand the vague feeling of dissatisfaction. While her mother industriously plans Anna’s wedding, Anna herself reads poetry and wonders if what she’s in is love or just an arrangement.

The Duke
As the estranged Scottish son of an English duke who has just died, Ewan MacLaughlin is the reluctant heir to his father’s title. Arriving in London, he must face his father’s widow, half sister, and half brother, Richard, who was fully expecting to becoming the duke himself. While acquainting himself with his newfound relations, Ewan finds himself more and more often in the company of Richard’s fiancee, the beautiful Anna.

When it becomes clear that Richard is conspiring against Ewan, Anna is compelled to warn Ewan. But what begins in innocence soon becomes betrayal as Anna finds the answer to the question in her heart – in Ewan.

My Thoughts

Anna is engaged to an English Duke when she encounters Ewan McLaughlin in a bookstore.  Recognizing him as a kindred spirit she is charmed by him and his interest in poetry.  She is surprised when she discovers the stranger from the bookstore is the older half-brother to her fiance, and the true heir to the Dukedom.

This was a sweet little story and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Anna and Ewan.  Both are rally thoughtful and kind, and perfectly suited for each other.  But Anna being promised to Richard is an obstacle for them both.  As time goes on Richard becomes increasingly unhinged and obsessed with proving that Ewan is not really his father’s true first son from a valid marriage.  While trying to foil Richard’s shenanigans, Ewan gets to know his sister, stepmom, and Anna.

The ending was gripping and I I just really enjoyed the Anna and Ewan match.  A simple, great read for Young Adults, or anyone really.


Oct 01 2016
Making Bookmarks!
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I told you all that I made a couple Game of Thrones gifts for a friend of mine.  I posted the pic of the wildfire and was waiting on permission from the artist to use his altered picture of Jon Snow.  His name is Brenton and he makes some really beautiful art.  You can find his other works at his deviant art page here.  And without further ado, below is the picture of the book mark!  Isn’t he LOVELY!!!  Sorry for the glare!



Sep 22 2016
Goodies from Alysia!!
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This is really just a share and thank you post.  A little while ago I asked my Book Blogging friend Alysia, from My Little Pocket Books and Mocha Girls Read, if she would stop by her local Daiso store and pick me up some specific sized giant paper clips.  We don’t have these stores here in NC and she was in a state that does.  Well, Alysia went way above and beyond what I asked for.  She sent several cases of the paperclips and a lot of other nice goodies.  And she wouldn’t even let me give her the money.  She gifted it all to me and it was such a sweet surprise.  So I just wanted to publicly thank Alysia for being so kind and generous!  I love everything and am EXTREMELY grateful to you for doing that for me!  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!



Sep 19 2016
Making Wildfire!
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Hello there my lovely book blogger friends!  I was making a little flip book for one of my friend’s birthdays and decided to include something a little different.  We are both Game of Thrones fanatics, so I thought it would be fun to make her a bottle charm of Wildfire!  I also made her a book mark of Jon Snow because…BAE!  But below is how the Wildfire turned out!  Hope you like!





Sep 06 2016
Game of Thrones: Winds of Winter (Season 6 Finale) Pt. 1
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Here is the first Vlog on the Winds of Winter episode.  There was so much going on in this one episode, I thought it best to break it into two videos.  Part two will be posted soon.


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