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The 2012 Wrap Up Post
Monday December 31, 2012 at 8:31 pm |


Well it’s certainly been an interesting year and the best part is I got to read some stellar books over the course of it.  I’ll have to say while I did have a few did not finish books in the pile, the majority of the books I’ve read this year I found enjoyable.  Many I reviewed, some I did not, but they were such fun to read.  Here are a few highlights from the blog this past year!

Number of Books Completed:


88.  My goal was 100 books.  I didn’t make it this year but will be trying again in the new year!


Challenges Completed:


Challenges Failed:


Favorite Reviews Posted:

Good Review:  Delirium by Lauren Oliver  and Bad Review: Wither by Lauren De Stefano

Favorite Book Boyfriend:

Definitely Four from Divergent by Veronica Roth!

Favorite Non-Review Posts:

Rant: The Willful Damsel and A Letter to George R.R. Martin

Favorite Book Read in 2012:

Without a shadow if a doubt, my favorite book read this year was:


Books I Did Not Finish:


Books I Read and Did Not Review and will not be Reviewing in the Future:

On to the Next!

Book I’m Anxious to Get to in the New Year:


That’s about it for me!  These are the highlights of my bookish 2012 and all I’m looking forward to in 2013.  I’m wishing myself and you all a very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!  See you in 2013!

PS:  Just want to send a special thank you to all my regular visitors, book blog friends, and supporters!  I appreciate you all more than words can say and I hope you have a splendiferous New Year!

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Written by Jade

Jade is a book blogger from NC. In her spare time she loves to read and build and maintain websites. She has been reading since she was four and building websites since she was 16. SortofBeautiful.com was born on March 8, 2011 and is a fantastic merging of her two favorite hobbies. Enjoy your stay!

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16 Responses to “The 2012 Wrap Up Post”

  1. Belle says:

    Hey sweetie! Good wrap up. I hope to visit way more often in 2013. Happy New Year! Belle

  2. Did you love or hate Vampire Diaries?

  3. A Storm of Swords – LOVED it too!!!! But I also loved Across the Universe which you didn’t finish * sad face * Lol!

    • Jade Jade says:

      There are no words to describe the brilliance of ASOS! And I just couldn’t abide Across the Universe. The characters and the story irked me to no end.

  4. Great wrap up. 🙂 I’ve been eyeing the Game of Thrones series for a while now. I keep hearing tons of good things about it but it always seems like I have something else to read instead. Maybe I can fit them in sometime this year.

    Happy New Year!


  5. OMG, Across the Universe was soooo boring. I barely finished it, but only because I listened to it as an audiobook.

    Kiss of Midnight! Did you like it? I loved it. I loved the newish take on Vampires being an alien species.

    I didn’t make my 100 book goal either, but I’m sure we will this year! 😉

    Happy New Year, Jade!

    • Jade Jade says:

      Missie!!!!! I’ve really missed you lady and I hope you’re doing well!

      I’m glad to know I’m not the lone person who did not enjoy ATU…it was so blah!

      And yes I did love Kiss of Midnight, but since I started the BDB series first, felt like it was VERY similar. I know you were busy, so hopefully we both can grind them out this year!

  6. I’m going to have to start the Game of Thrones series so I can join in the discussion. I can tell you love them. 88 is a great number of books read. That is nothing to sneeze at.

    • Jade Jade says:

      YES Alexis!!!!! I would LOVE if you read the books so I can have someone else to gush over them with! Let me know when you do so we can dish!

  7. Great wrap-up! Although…I needs to knows…what was your opinion of GONE GIRL? It seemed it was the hottest book among the agenting world last year, but I’ve not read it. Your thoughts?

    Happy New Year!!! Thanks for being your awesome blogging self! And for making my online world WAY more fun!

    • Jade says:

      M! I REALLY LOVED Gone Girl, besides the ending. But it was a total mind f*ck!

      And thanks for that! It’s good to feel appreciated in this blogging world! You damn sure do the same for me!

  8. I totally agree! Those are the two of my Favorite Non-Review Posts too! I am looking forward to listening to Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer. I didn’t see the movie yet cause I wanted to read the book first. Looking forward to your review on it. 🙂

    • Jade says:

      Actually I won’t be reviewing this one. But it was a good read…a lot of history but I actually enjoyed that aspect.