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Monday July 2, 2012 at 12:00 am |


I feel like such a slacker.  Thanks for hanging in there with me everyone and thank you for all the prayers and well wishes.  I’ve been feeling better and hope that I can stay that way for a good long while.

Anyway, in attempt to ‘catch up’ on all the reviews I wanted to post, Why I Love Wednesdays, and My Book Boyfriends I wanted to participate in, I’m deeming this week LIST WEEK!  And the lists will be as follows:

Monday: Grandmaster list.  A guide to let you know about what’s to come!

Tuesday: Quickie Reviews!  I’ve read some awesome books I didn’t get to properly review.  But I do want to share some quick thoughts on them and share the awesomosity of them.

Wednesday: A list of all the WILW topics I missed and  my quick answers to the topics.

Thursday:  I’ve fallen in love with so many wonderful guys from my books!  So this will be a quick list of the great book guys who’ve captured my heart.

Friday: A list of bargain books I’ve gotten…this one will be extensive probably as I have a secret store that has provided me with more than enough books to keep me reading for months.

Anywho, that’s what I have planned for the week.  I will also be back to my regular visits and comments.  Sorry I haven’t kept up but I had to break.  Also, until I feel my health is stable in a way that I want it to be, I WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING ANY MORE BOOKS FOR REVIEW!  I will finish the ones I’m already obligated to do and then I’m done for a while.  I just don’t want to make a commitment that I may not be able to keep or will have to postpone because I suddenly got sick.  But I still have more than enough of my own books to read and review at my leisure.

Also, I’m feeling a little revamp.  I’ve actually been slowly working on a new layout for months, but I’m searching to hire an illustrator to give me exactly what I want and something that can’t be copied and reused.  My header girl was worked up by a talented artist to my specifications.  But now I see my same girl with little differences popping up on other book sites and it’s really a bit annoying when you want to have your own identity.  So I’ll take my time and hire someone who will make a one of a kind illustration for me.  So it may be a while, but I’m looking to change it up a bit.

Thanks for all your support and understanding!  Can’t wait to catch up with everyone this week!

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10 Responses to “Aaaaauuuuggghhhh!”

  1. I AM SO HAPPY THAT YOU’RE FEELING BETTER!<3 It sucks that you haven't these past few weeks, but you're still on my blog roll and I still reading everything you have to post :') Plus, I'm really excited to see what you have to gush about for your list week — that's such a cool and fun idea! I'm especially pumped to see all (or some) of your fave book boys in one place! That's going to be fun to read LOL x)

    I hope you have a wonderful day and I can't wait to see your new blog design too, Jade! <3

    • Jade Jade says:

      Thanks Mimi! I appreciate you still coming by and checking on me dear. And thanks, I’m actually really excited for the list week as well! I may end up doing it a couple times a year or so. And I think that it will be an easier way for me to catch up.

      Happy Canada Day to you, and I hope you’re having some fun and reading some good books!

  2. New layout? Wow. I can’t wait!
    I’ll miss your little chica though.
    She’s SO you in my head.

    • Jade Jade says:

      It will be a while, but yes, I’ve been working on one for a while. I’m hoping my next girl will be even better, and one of a kind. I will miss the one up now though.

  3. So glad to hear you are feeling better! I really like this layout so I can’t wait to see what you have in mind next! I am looking forward to reading more of your posts!


    • Jade Jade says:

      Well thank you! I like this layout too, but I’m getting tired of it. And I want something more personal as my girl is being revamped and popping up all over everyone else’s site.

  4. Eugenia says:

    I’m very glad you’re feeling better! Graceling sounds very interesting. I will definitely add it to my TBR list.

    I’ve read four in the Song of Fire of Ice and look forward to finding out what is going on with Danaerys and Tyrion. Can Mr. Martin bring this series to a close is the million-dollar question given the huge cast of characters. I’m thinking this will rival The Wheel of Time for page count!

    • Jade Jade says:

      YES! I do love Tyrion and Dany. The cast of characters is INSANE, but it keeps it interesting in my opinion. I’ve only completed the first book, but you’re right, with everyone involved it will be interesting to see how it all concludes.

  5. Your always in my prayers! Looking forward to the revamp.