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The Game Recap – 3/22/11
Wednesday March 23, 2011 at 4:05 am |

Team Merwin


Episode: Death Becomes Her

This week’s episode begins with Tasha and Mel at the spot having a drink, but Mel isn’t drinking because she’s trying to get preggers.  After unsucessfully trying to get Mel’s attention, Tasha sends her on home to Derwin and is then approached by Van Peebles.  They get drunk and end up streaking and running from the cops.

Next Mel comes back from her run and tries to get Derwin to help her make a baby while the conditions were ‘right’.  But Derwin has to go to work and puts the baby making business on hold.  Meanwhile Tasha is chilling in her home with new dude smoking a cigar when new dude drops a bomb.  He tells her he is dying of cancer and that’s why he is trying to live his life to the fullest before he starts wasting away.

Derwin goes to Malik’s house to draw him out of his funk to handle the mess that is his career.  Malik refuses at first but Derwin insists and makes him see reason.  So he tells him he has a meeting set up with the manager to talk about Malik’s career and his future with the Sabers.  In the meeting, Malik apologizes for boinking his wife and explains that he  was in a really bad place.  Derwin tells the manager that he and Malik are the dream team but the manager is not trying to hear it and brings up the fact that Derwin has a wife to make his point.  So Malik tells him to go ahead and trade him.  The manager however tells Malik that that would only benefit him.  That he will instead bench him and groom another QB to be the star.  Mlaik gets pissed at Derwin and tells him that the meeting was a bad idea from the start.  Derwin reality checks him and tells him you did sleep with the man’s wife.

Tasha and Mel are at Mel’s place when Tasha shares with Mel about her new man.  Mel is ecstatic for Tasha until she finds out that the man is dying.  But Tasha tells her not to be down because she is learning from him to live in the moment and not take things and people for granted.  She tells Mel that her and dude both have bucket lists they are trying to complete before he dies.  Part of Tasha’s list is to have Keith Sweat all over her body.  Before she goes, Tasha tells Mel to relax on the baby business and just let it happen naturally in the moment instead of trying to plan it.

Tasha’s new beau blindfolds her and gives her a candlelit dinner, but surprises her with Keith Sweat.  Tasha decides she wants to go all the way with new dude before there is no tomorrow.  She wakes to find him gone and a note that reads: Sorry we didn’t make it to India, and a necklace with an elephant pendant.  Part of Tasha’s bucket list was to go to India and ride an Elephant.

Mel surprises Derwin with a little romance and they boink.  Derwin wakes to find Mel gone and laying with her feet propped up on the floor of the bathroom to give his soldiers extra advantage.  Derwin tell her to scoot over and they lay there together.

My Thoughts:

This week’s episode was alright.  I kind of like the idea of Mel and Derwin having a little one.  It would give the show some more things to work and play with.  I was so glad that they were getting Malik back on the right track only to have him take two steps back again.  I mean WTH BET…can I have my Malik back dammit?  And Tasha Mack!  I love Tasha Mack but some of the stuff they have her doing lately is irking the hell outta me.  Tasha Mack is not nor has EVER been a smoker!  So why do they all of a sudden have her with blacks, weed, and cigars this season?  And Derwin…I love Derwin.  He was so likable in the previous season’s but he’s coming off as a selfish punk in this season and I don’t like it.  I’m hoping with the success of the return they’ll have the money to hire back ALL the writers who made this show great in previous seasons.  And for God’s sake bring back Kelly and the real Brit Brat!

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