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The Game Recap – 3/15/11
Wednesday March 16, 2011 at 6:31 am |

The Game

Episode: Never Surrender

This week’s episode of The Game was pretty damn good!  The show opens with Malik and TeeTee enjoying a stripshow by stripper ‘Lasagna’.  Malik begins to regret his ways and vows has vowed to change now that he’s found love.  No more strippers for him.  He gives Lasagna her severance pay while TeeTee laments the end of an era.

In the next scene TeeTee drops some food off to Tasha who is excerciing on her couch.  She pretends she’s still with Dante until TT busts her out for lying.  Then Melanie shows up.  Somehoe Dante’s 25th birthday is brought up and Melanie decides to help Tasha throw Dante a great birthday party not knowing that they are no longer together.

After a long day of practice Malik heads to his car to go home and finds Parker (the owner’s wife) waiting for him there.  Not wanting to be caught in her web again he fakes going back to the locker room for his play book and hitches a ride with a random dude.

At Dante’s birthday party, everybody is looking for him but can’t find him.  Tasha plays them off until Melanie announces the cutting of the cake.  Jut when it looks as if Tasha is going to have to pick up her face, Dante shows up.  Tasha is grateful.

Meanwhile Parker corners Malik in the bathroom where he finally has a heart to heart talk with her.  Tells her she’s only using him because she’s not happy in her marriage, and that she deserves better.  She thanks him and leaves.  His girlfriend finds him and they decide to leave.  While on the way out, they run into Parker and her husband.  She is cussing him out and tells him she lowered herself to him and slept with trash (Malik) and tells the hubby it’s over.  The hubby hems Malik up until Malik’s bodyguard shuts that shit down.  Malik’s girl runs off and hubby threatens him.

It ends with Melanie and Tasha having a heart to heart over some drinks.

My thoughts:

All I have to say is that I’m glad they are finally getting Malik’s character back on track.  I didn’t like where they were going with it.  He’s always been a womanizer, but he was never a grimy person.  Despite his womanizing and slight arrogance…Malik had a GREAT heart and he was funny.  I despised them making him all angry and bitter.  So I’m glad he’s finally starting to show signs of his REAL character.

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