The Game Recap – 03/08/2011
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So I’m a big fan of The Game on BET and am ecstatic they brought it back.  Although it has yet to resume the same flavor as before, I’m hanging in, cause they seem to be getting closer with each new episode.  So I’ll recap the episodes here each week and then give my opinion.  Then we can all freely discuss what we think in the comments section.

The Game Recap:

Episode: Whip it, Whip it Good

This episode begins with Jason and Malik hanging out at the restaurant they seem to frequent when Malik spots Brit Brat with her teenage crew.  Under the impression she needed to be sent home from school, Jason questions her.  Brittany gives him some smart lip answer that he falls for.  Jason falls back while Malik was expecting a parental beatdown.

Next scene Jason drops Brittany off at Mel’s house wanting her to babysit while he plays golf with Magic Johnson.  Mel wasn’t having, but Tasha decided to take the job so she could straighten Brittany out a little.  So while Tasha was getting her hair done, she put Brittany to work.  After paying her beautician, Tasha notices her stash missing from her purse.  She accuses Brittany of taking it.  When Brit Brat won’t fess up, she tells her to go get a switch!  But before Tasha can tear that ass up, Jason arrives and becomes livid when he finds out Tasha had weed around his kid.

Meanwhile back at the Davis’ Mel’s parents visit, and seem to have a newfound love for their son-in-law.  They are riding high off of Derwin’s fame and seem to be uninterested in all Melanie ha going on.  Feeling ignored, Melanie throws a mini hissy fit and storms out.

At The Pitts’ Jason apologizes to Brittany for leaving her with Tasha and vows to spend more time with her.  He discovers she’s not listening and preparing to leave.  He grabs her purse and finds Tasha’s weed.  Pissed, Jason scolds her.  She argues that noone cares about her or pays attention to her since the divorce.  So Jason tells her not to worry about that anymore.  He gets rid of all her hoochie clothes and quits his job telling her from now on they’ll be joined at the hip.

Melanie explains her decision to just be Derwin’s wife and not practice to her mother.  Her mother explains she gave up a dream too.  Melanie says she’s content, they make up…the end.

To watch this weeks episode online click HERE

My thoughts:

Malik was right, if I’d talked to my parents like Brit Brat talked to Jason, I’d have got my mouth rocked.  Frankly I don’t like this new Brit Brat.  She looks like an adult when Brittany is not supposed to be any older than 12.  I want the old Brit Brat back.  Now this whole business about Tasha and her weed…boo and fail.  Now I know Tasha is crazy…but she ain’t never been and don’t strike me as a weed head.  She crazy but she still got damn sense, so I wasn’t feeling that.  Loved that Jason stepped up and put his foot down in the end.  That’s what being a parent is all about.  Not too much to say about Mel’s situation although I thought the complete turn around in her parents attitude toward Derwin was curious.

So ladies and gents…what did you think of this weeks episode?

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