Bring Back the Old Brit Brat!
Friday March 11, 2011 at 7:45 pm |

The REAL Brit Brat


So ever since the new episodes of The Game premiered there has been one issue many can’t seem to get over…including myself.  I do NOT like how they just replaced Brit Brat like she was a non entity.  No offense to the new girl, but she’s just not the Brittany we all know and love.  According to Erica Gluck, the original Brittany Pitts, she was willing to go to Atlanta for filming but they didn’t even ASK her to come back.  When they said original cast, I expected everybody.  It is rumored the new girl is closely related to a producer/writer of the show.  Anywho, in true Game fan fashion, the fans have started another petition to bring back Ms. Erica Gluck in the role of Brit Brat!  And I signed!  If you want to sign too, click HERE!

It worked the first time! Maybe they’ll listen up again! Fingers crossed!

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