T.V. Talk (3): Game of Thrones (Season 2)
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The last two weeks I’ve went over the players in House Stark, and the Players in House Lannister.  This post will introduce the other characters in the show who also think they have a claim to the Iron Throne and intend to go to war to win it.  I swear once everyone gets into it its going to be a shit storm.  This list is not as extensive as the other ones, so it should be easy to keep up.

Daenerys Targaryen:

Isn’t she beautiful?  Widowed by the now deceased Khal Drogo (you have to watch season one because Drogo was awesome!), The Khaleesi is the daughter of the former Iron Throne King.  When he was killed and replaced he was survived by his son and daughter.  Daenerys, the Mother of Dragons, intends to get it back.  With her newly born dragons, and her ability to resist fire, she may stand a fighting chance.  If she can get an army and make passage to Kings Landing that is.


Renly Boratheon:

Renly is the youngest brother of the deceased King Robert Baratheon and in love with his wife’s brother.  He intends to use his massive army to fight his ‘nephew’ Joffrey for the throne.  Renly is thought to be a good choice for the throne as he is a mostly pleasant and kind ruler.  Lady Stark has asked for his alliance with her son so that both armies may lay siege on Kings Landing.  But something most unfortunate happens to Renly, which could possibly mean a dead alliance and him out of the running for the throne.


Stannis Boratheon:

Stannis is the other brother of Robert, the now deceased King.  Stannis had the support of Ned Stark before he was killed as the heir to the Throne, since Ned knew the truth about Joffrey.  I wonder is Stannis really wants the throne or if he’s being coerced by his woman.  There is something sinister and hincty about her, and because of it, Stannis is being backed by something very evil and dark.  I don’t know that Stannis is aware of who his lady truly is, and I wonder how things will turn out for him in the end.

That’s it!  Of course there are many other minor characters at play in all of this, but the these are the main ones vying for the throne.  The manipulations, the scheming, the cunning of the characters is all so mesmerizing to me that I can’t look away.  Hope these posts were helpful to anyone thinking of watching this series one day.  And if you haven’t started yet, I’d suggest to hurry and catch up on this because it;s pure brilliance!

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8 Responses to “T.V. Talk (3): Game of Thrones (Season 2)”

  1. Oh my wow, that girl really IS gorgeous, Jade! One more reason why I wish my hair was curly instead of boring straight haha :’) And she has dragons? Even cooler!

    I LOVE your Game of Thrones love, Jade! My step-uncle said we could have a marathon of it if I wanted to watch, but my aunt adamantly refused that because apparently there are some not-so-kiddish scenes in it LOL x) But I’m hoping she’ll give in and let me watch anyways because it sounds SO GOOD! <3

    • Jade Jade says:

      Aww that sucks Mimi! Maybe if you needle her she’ll give in. Yes some of the content in more adult, but considering the books you read, I don’t think anything will have a negative affect on you.

  2. I love Daenerys! I worry about her in every episode. I guess I should read the books so I can find out if she will survive, but I can’t do it. I get too nervous. LOL

    • Jade Jade says:

      Me too Missie! She seems so delicate, but she’s such a strong young woman! And I’ve actually started the first book, and even though many of the event follow the series closely, I’m still just as fascinated.

      The only major difference I see is that in the tv series they aged all the characters. The kids are way younger than what they look in the series. Hell Jon is only 14 and Rob is 12. Maybe I need to keep reading to see if time goes by.

  3. So I started season 1 before bar prep and I’m hooked. I’m watching it with the hubby so I don’t really appreciate all the nakedness. Lol. Hopefully I can work a few episodes in during study breaks or something but I might be on pause until August.

    • Jade Jade says:

      I started re-watching the first season and just finished yesterday! SOOOOOO Goood! Better than I remembered. And I finished the first book, which was awesome. I’m ready to get into the second one.

  4. I am soooooo behind on the books and the show. Everyone and their mama has read the books at my job. I think I need to get on it. 🙂