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There seems to be no shortage of books that come as a part of a series out there. I thought it would be helpful to record the series that I’ve started here and make lists of the reading order. Hopefully this will be helpful if anyone is looking to read a series and needs to know which book is first and what order the subsequent books come.  Series list are in order by author last name.


Adrian, Lara: The Midnight Breed Series

1. Kiss of Midnight
2. Kiss of Crimson
3. Midnight Awakening
4. Midnight Rising
5. Veil of Midnight
6. Ashes of Midnight
7. Shades of Midnight
8. Taken by Midnight
9. Deeper Than Midnight
10. Darker After Midnight
11. Edge of Dawn

Alt, Madelyn: A Bewitching Mystery Series

1. The Trouble With Magic
2. A Charmed Death
3. Hex Marks the Spot
4. No Rest For the Wiccan
5. Where There’s a Witch
6. A Witch in Time
7. Home For a Spell
8. In Charm’s Way

Arruda, Suzanne: Jade del Cameron Series

1. Mark of the Lion
2. Stalking Ivory
3. The Serpent’s Daughter
4. The Leopard’s Prey
5. The Treasure of the Golden Cheetah
6. The Crocodile’s Last Embrace


Banks, Anna: The Syrena Legacy

1. Of Posiedon
2. Of Triton
3. Of Neptune

Banks, L.A.: The Crimson Moon Series

1. Bad Blood
2. Bite the Bullet
3. Undead on Arrival
4. Cursed to Death
5. Never Cry Werewolf
6. Left for Undead

Banks, Maya: The KGI Series

1. The Darkest Hour
2. No Place to Run
3. Hidden Away
4. Whispers in the Dark
5. Echoes at Dawn
6. Shades of Gray
7. Forged in Steel
8. After the Storm
9. When Day Breaks
10. Darkest Before Dawn

The McCabe Trilogy

1. In Bed With a Highlander
2. Seduction of a Highland Lass
3. Never Love a Highlander

Bardsley, MicheleThe Broken Heart Series

1. I’m The Vampire, That’s Why
2. Don’t Talk Back to Your Vampire
3. Because Your Vampire Said So
4. Wait Til Your Vampire Gets Home
5. Over My Dead Body
6. Come Hell or High Water
7. Cross Your Heart
7.5 The Early Girl Gets the Blood Wolf
8.  Must Love Lycans
8.5 Broken Heart Tails
9. Only Lycans Need Apply
9.5 Valentine’s Day Sucks
10. Some Lycan Hot

Bergren, Lisa T.: The River of Time Series

1. Waterfall
2. Cascade
3. Torrent
3.1. Bourne

Black, Holly: The Curse Workers Series

1. White Cat
2. Red Glove
3. Black Heart

Blackwell, Juliet:  A Witchcraft Mystery Series

1. Secondhand Spirits
2. A Cast Off Coven
3. Hexes and Hemlines
4. In a Witch’s Wardrobe
5. Tarnished and Torn
6. A Vision in Velvet
7. Spellcasting in Silk

Blake, Kendare: Anna Series

1. Anna Dressed in Blood
2. Girl of Nightmares

Brennan, Sarah Rees: The Lynburn Legacy

1. Unspoken
2. Untold
3. Unmade

Brook, Meljean: The Iron Seas Series

1. The Iron Duke
2. Heart of Steel



Cashore, Kristen: Graceling Realm Series

1. Graceling
2. Fire
3. Bitterblue

Carter, Ally: Heist Society Series

1.  Heist Society
2. Uncommon Criminals
3. Perfect Scoundrals

Chase, Ashlyn: The Strange Neighbors Series

1. Strange Neighbors
2. The Werewolf Upstairs
3. The Vampire Next Door

Clare, Cassandra: The Mortal Instruments Series

1. City of Bones
2. City of Ashes
3. City of Glass
4. City of Fallen Angels
5. City of Lost Souls

The Infernal Devices Series

1. Clockwork Angel
2. Clockwork Prince
3. Clockwork Princess

Collins, Suzanne: The Hunger Games Series

1. The Hunger Games
2. Catching Fire
3. Mockingjay

Cremer, Andrea: The Nightshade Series

1.  Nightshade
2. Wolfsbane
3. Bloodrose
4. Snakeroot

Nightshade Prequal Series

1. Rift
2. Rise


Dashner, James: The Maze Runner

1. The Maze Runner
2. The Scorch Trials
3. The Death Cure
4. The Kill Order

Davidson, Mary Janice: The Undead Series

1. Undead and Unwed
2. Undead and Unemployed
3. Undead and Unappreciated
4. Undead and Unreturnable
5. Undead and Unpopular
6. Undead and Uneasy
7. Undead and Unworthy
8. Undead and Unwelcome
9. Undead and Unfinished
10. Undead and Undermined
11. Undead and Unstable
12. Undead and Underwater
13. Undead and Unsure
14. Undead and Unwary

DeStefano, Lauren: The Chemical Garden Series

1. Wither
2. Fever
3. Sever

Deveraux, Jude: The Edilean Series

1. Lavender Morning
2. Days of Gold
3. Scarlet Nights
4. The Scent of Jasmine
4.5. Promises
5. Heartwishes
6. Moonlight in the Morning
7. Stranger in the Moonlight
8. Moonlight Masquerade

Duff, Hilary: The Elixir Series

1. Elixir
2. Devoted
3. True


Eddings, David: The Elenium Series

1. The Diamond Throne
2. The Ruby Knight
3. The Sapphire Rose

Estep, Jennifer: Elemental Assassin Series

1. Spider’s Bite
2. Web of Lies
3. Venom
4. Tangles Threads
5. Spider’s Revenge
6. By a Thread
7. Widow’s Web
8. Deadly Sting
9. Heart of Venom
10. The Spider
11. Poison Promise


Forman, Gayle: If I Stay Series

1. If I Stay
2. Where She Went


Gabaldon, Diana: The Outlander Series

1. Outlander
2. Dragonfly in Amber
3. Voyager
4. Drums in Autumn
5. The Fiery Cross
6. A Breath of Fire and Ashes
7. An Echo in the Bone
8. Written in my Own Heart’s Blood

Garcia, Kami: The Caster Chronicles

1. Beaitiful Creatures
2. Beautiful Darkness
3. Beautiful Chaos
4. Beautiful Redemption

Goodman, Allison: The Dragoneye Series

1. Eon
2. Eona

Grant, Mira: Newsflesh Series

1. Feed
2. Deadline
3. Blackout
4. Rewind


Hamilton, Kersten: Goblin Wars

1. Tyger Tyger
2. In the Forests of the Night
3. When the Stars Threw Down Their Spears

Harris, Charlaine: The Sookie Stackhouse Series

1. Dead Until Dark
2. Living Dead in Dallas
3. Club Dead
4. Dead to the World
5. Dead as a Doornail
6. Definitely Dead
7. All Together Dead
8. From Dead to Worse
9. Dead and Gone
10. Dead in the Family
11. Dead Reckoning
12. Deadlocked
13. Dead Ever After
14. A Touch of Dead

Harrison, Thea: The Elder Races Series

1. Dragon Bound
2. Storm’s Heart
3. Serpent’s Kiss
4. Oracle’s Moon
5. Lord’s Fall
6. Kinked
7. Night’s Honor
8. Midnight Kiss
9. Shadow’s End

Hearne, Kevin: The Iron Druid Chronicles

1. Hounded
2. Hexed
3. Hammered
4. Tricked
5. Tracked
6. Hunted
7. Shattered





Jaffarian, Sue Ann: A Ghost of Granny Apples Mystery Series

1. Ghost a la Mode
2. Ghost in the Polka Dot Bikini
3. Gem of a Ghost

James, E.L.: Fifty Shades Series

1. Fifty Shades of Grey
2. Fifty Shades Darker
3. Fifty Shades Freed

Jenkins, Beverly: The Blessings Series

1. Bring on the Blessings
2. A Second Helping
3. Something Old, Something New
4. A Wish and a Prayer
5. Heart of Gold
6. For Your Love

 Destiny’s Series

1. Destiny’s Embrace
2. Destiny’s Surrender
3. Destiny’s Captive

Johnson, Maureen: The Shades of London Series

1. The Name of the Star
2. The Madness Underneath
3. The Shadow Cabinet

Jordan, Robert: The Wheel of Time Series

1. The Eye of the World
2. The Great Hunt
3. The Dragon Reborn
4. The Shadow Rising
5. The Fires of Heaven
6. Lord of Chaos
7. A Crown of Swords
8. The Path of Daggers
9. Winter’s Heart
9.5. Glimmers
10. Crossroads of Twilight
11. Knife of Dreams
12. The Gathering Storm
13. Towers of Midnight
13.5. By Grace and Banners Fallen
14. A Memory of Light


Kennedy, Kathryne: The Elven Lord’s Series

1. The Fire Lord’s Lover
2. The Lady of the Storm
3. The Lord of Illusion

Kinsella, Sophie: Shopaholic Series

1. Confessions of a Shopaholic
2. Shopaholic Takes Manhattan
3. Shopaholic Ties the Knot
4. Shopaholic and Sister
5. Shopaholic and Baby
6. Mini Shopaholic

Klepas Lisa: The Wallflower Series

1. Secret of a Summer Night
2. It Happened One Autumn
3. Scandal in Spring
4. Devil in Winter


Larsson, Stieg: The Millennium Series

1. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
2. The Girl Who Played With Fire
3. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest

Laurie, Victoria: A Psychic Eye Mystery Series

1. Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye
2. Better Read Than Dead
3. A Vision of Murder
4. Killer Insight
5. Crime Seen
6. Death Perception
7. Doom With A View
8. A Glimpse of Evil
9. Vision Impossible
10. Lethal Outlook
11. Deadly Forecast
12. Fatal Fortune
13. Sense of Deception

Lowry, Lois: The Giver Quartet

1. The Giver
2. Gathering Blue
3. Messenger
4. Son


Maberry, Jonathan: Benny Imura Series

1. Rot and Ruin
2. Dust and Decay
3. Flesh and Bone
4. Fire and Ash
5. Bits and Pieces

Martin, George R.R.: A Song of Ice and Fire Series

1. A Game of Thrones
2. A Clash of Kings
3. A Storm of Swords
4. A Feast for Crows
5. A Dance with Dragons
6. The Winds of Winter

McCarthy, Erin: Vegas Vampires Series

1. High Stakes
2. Bit the Jackpot
3. Bled Dry
4. Sucker Bet
5. First Blood
6. Out of the Light, Into the Shadow

McCullough-White, Dawn: Cameo Series

1. Cameo the Assassin
2. Cameo and the Highwayman
3. Cameo and the Vampire

Mead, Richelle: Vampire Academy

1. Vampire Academy
2. Frostbite
3. Shadow Kiss
4. Blood Promise
5. Spirit Bound
6. Last Sacrifice

Meyer, Marissa: The Lunar Chronicles

1. Cinder
2. Scarlett
3. Cress
4. Winter

Miller, Kirsten: The Eternal Ones Series

1. The Eternal Ones
2. All You Desire

Montgomery, L.M.: The Anne of Green Gables Series

1. Anne of Green Gables
2. Anne of Avonlea
3. Anne of the Island
4. Anne of Windy Poplars
5. Anne’s House of Dreams
6. Anne of Ingleside
7. Rainbow Valley
8. Rilla of Ingleside
9. The Road to Yesterday

Myracle, Lauren: The Winnie Years

1. Ten
2. Eleven
3. Twelve
4. Thirteen
5. Thirteen Plus One




Oliver, Lauren: Delirium Series

1. Delirium
2. Pandemonium
3. Requiem



Peeler, Nicole: The Jane True Series

1. Tempest Rising
2. Tracking the Tempest
3. Tempest’s Legacy
4. Eye of the Tempest
5. Tempest’s Fury

Perkins, Stephanie: Anna and the French Kiss Series

1. Anna and the French Kiss
2. Lola and the Boy Next Door
3. Isla and the Happily Ever After

Plum, Amy: The Revenants Series

1. Die For Me
2. Until I Die
3. If I Should Die


 Quinn, Julia: The Bridgertons Series

1. The Duke and I
2. The Viscount Who Loved Me
3. An Offer from a Gentleman
4. Romancing Mister Bridgerton
5. To Sir Phillip, With Love
6. When He Was Wicked
7. It’s in His Kiss
8. On The Way to the Wedding


Ray, Francis: A Graysons Friends Novel Series

1. The Way You Love Me
2. Nobody But You
3. One Night With You
4. It Had to be You
5. A Seductive Kiss
6. With Just One Kiss
7. A Dangerous Kiss

Rennison, Louise: Confessions of Georgia Nicholson Series

1. Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging
2. On the Bright Side, I’m Now the Girlfriend of a Sex God
3. Knocked Out by My Nunga-Nungas
4. Dancing In My Nuddy Pants
5. Away Laughing on a Fast Camel
6. The He Ate My Boy Entrancers
7. Startled by His Furry Shorts
8. Love is a Many Trousered Things
9. Stop in the Name of Pants
10. Are These My Basoomas I See Before Me

Riordan, Rick: The Percy Jackson Series

1. The Lightning Thief
2. The Sea of Monsters
3. The Titan’s Curse
4. The Battle of the Labyrinth
5. The Last Olympian

Rossi, Veronica: Under the Never Sky Series

1. Under the Never Sky
2. Through the Ever Night
3. Into the Still Blue

Roth, Veronica: Divergent Series

1. Divergent
2. Insurgent
3. Allegiant
4. Four


Sachar, Louis: Holes Series

1. Holes
2. Small Steps

Shulman, Polly: The Grimm Legacy Series

1. The Grimm Legacy
2. The Wells Bequest

Spotswood, Jessica: The Cahill Witch Chronicles

1. Born Wicked
2. Star Cursed
3. Sister’s Fate


Lewis-Thompson, Vicki:

Babes on Broomsticks Series

1. Blonde With A Wand
2. Chick With Charm

The Nerd Series:

1. Nerd in Shining Armor
2. The Nerd Who Loved Me
3. Nerd Gone Wild
4. Gone With the Nerd
5. Talk Nerdy To Me
6. Nerds Like it Hot
7. My Nerdy Valentine
8. Nerds are from Mars

Wild About You Series:

1. Werewolf in Manhattan
2. Werewolf in Greenwich Village
3. Werewolf in the North Woods
4. Werewolf in Seattle
5. Werewolf in Denver
6. Werewolf in Alaska
7. Werewolf in Las Vegas





Ward, J.R.: The Black Dagger Brotherhood

1. Dark Lover
2. Lover Eternal
3. Lover Awakened
4. Lover Revealed
5. Lover Unbound
6. Lover Enshrined
7. The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Inside Guide
8. Lover Avenged
9. Lover Mine
10. Lover Unleashed
11. Lover Reborn
12. Lover at Last
13. The King

Webber, Heather: The Valentine Series

1. Truly, Madly
2. Deeply, Desperately
3. Absolutely, Positively
4. Perfectly Matched
5. Undeniably Yours
6. Definitely, Maybe

Wisdom, Linda: Hex Series

1. 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover
2. Hex Appeal
3. Wicked by Any Other Name
4. Hex in High Heels