Review: Up To No Good by Carl Weber
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Publisher: Dafina Kensington
Copyright: 2011
Release Date: Feb, 1 2009
Pages: 363
Form: Paperback
Author: Carl Weber
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Deacon James Black has always been a ladies man, much to the chagrin of his two kids Jamie and Darnel, and every lady he’s been with that ever hoped for more.  Including his son’s mother Crystal, whose been in love with him for 30 years.  But James has no time and no commitment for any one woman.  He keeps is moving at a pace befitting a young man though he has reached middle age.  After Darnel’s life falls apart following the betrayel of the two people closest to him, Jamie tries to hook him up with her girlfriend if only to temporarily steer his heart and his mind in a different direction.

But as Darnel spirals out of control, strange circmstances lead James to find love in an unlikely place and with a woman young enough to be his daughter.  Unhappy with her Dad’s choice of woman and used to monopolizing his attention, Jamie makes it her mission to break up her father’s lovefest all the while losing the firm grip she once had on her own relationship.

But when tragedy strikes, they all must come back together as a family to get through the hard times and love one more time.





My Thoughts:

This books did not lack any drama, thats for sure.  But I must say it kept me turning the page and wanting to get deeper into the story.  James is a trip and needs to sit down somewhere with all the ho shenannigans.  I was glad to see him fall in love unexpectantly although his love interest was suspect.  Darnel, poor Darnel.  From Darnel’s initial description he seemed to be a good guy, and very well adjusted despite his parents broken and dyfunctional relationship.  But as the book progresses, he commits more and more acts that just seem totally out of his character, and it almost makes him unlikable, and I wanted to like him.   I mean I see how a person can snap, but he just didn’t seem the type to  take things too far.  Jamie…that heffa is just meddlsome, but it’s her character and it didn’t bother me.  I was intrigued by the relationship with her father.  Typical Daddy’s girl, but sometimes she was too up in his business for my taste.  Especially considering that her own personal life was disintegrating.  All in all it was a pretty good story with enough crazy shit and drama to keep you interested.

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