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Review: The Fixer Upper by Mary Kay Andrews
Friday October 7, 2011 at 12:00 am |

thefixerupper-mkaPublisher: Harper Collins
Copyright: 2009
Published: July 1, 2010
Pages: 432
Form: Paperback
Author: Mary Kay Andrews
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After her boss is caught in a political scandal, fledgling Washington lobbyist Dempsey Jo Killebrew is left broke, unemployed, and homeless.  Out of options, she reluctantly accepts her father’s offer to help turn Birdsong– the fading Victorian mansion he recently inherited in Guthrie, Georgia–into a real estate cash cow.  But Birdsong turns out to be a moldering Pepto-Bismol-pink dump with duct-taped windows, a driveway full of junk, and a grumpy distant relation who’s claiming squatter’s rights.  Stuck in a tiny town where everyone seems to know her business, Dempsey grits her teeth and rolls up her sleeves, and begins her journey back to the last place she ever expected: home.

My Thoughts:

I love Mary Kay Andrew’s books because she is a master at creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere in her stories.  In The Fixer Upper, Andrews weaves another small-town tale of one woman’s awakening to all the things that really bring her alive.  Convinced that being a lobbyist and loyal assistant to her disgraced boss was her calling, Dempsey is surprised to find more accomplishment and joy than she could imagine, fixing up her father’s old homestead, Birdsong.

I almost always love a story about small-towns and tight-knit communities and this book was no exception.  Dempsey is an intelligent young woman with a very naive outlook on life.  At times she was a bit too naive for me to even believe though.  On one hand I saw a woman still desperately seeking the approval of her father, who had somehow transferred that need to her boss.  But on the other hand she was supposed to be this intelligent lawyer turned lobbyist, expertly navigating Washington.  So the fact that she didn’t recognize or pay attention to specific details and events that would clue her in to her boss’ dirty dealings was a bit far-fetched for me.  But other than that I enjoyed Dempsey and her awakening.

Other characters made this novel fun and enjoyable as well.  Although she worked my nerves a time or two, the crotchety old distant cousin, Ella Kate, gave me a good laugh and gave the book some sass and spunk.   Tee Berryhill was just as sweet and charming as his father Carter, while Jimmy was a hot mess, but a nice hot mess.

Overall the story was engaging and the characters were colorful.  I’m still a fan of Mary Kay Andrews, and will continue to buy her books.  If you love a good chick lit book, pick this one up.

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Written by Jade

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11 Responses to “Review: The Fixer Upper by Mary Kay Andrews”

  1. Missie says:

    Ha! Characters that getting on your bad side from time to time are so fun to read about.

    Sounds like this book could be the story of my life. I needs me an awakening of my very own. Heh.

    Thanks for the review, Jade.

  2. I love stories about small towns, I think I really need to pick this one up. I haven’t heard of the author before, so now I’ll need to look out for her. Great review!

  3. So glad to hear it’s good 🙂

  4. crotchety old cousin?! Bwaahaaahaa! I just couldn’t help but laugh. Small town reads are fun.

  5. Brie says:

    Small-town tales are one of my favorites. That cozy, familiar feeling that they give you it’s quite hard to achieve with a different setting.
    I agree with you though, how could she be unaware of her boss’ actions? I need to read this author, this is the first time I come across one of her books.

    Great review Jade!

    • Jade Jade says:

      If you like small town books I think you’d enjoy Mary Kay Andrews. Many of her books are small town. I’ve loved all the ones I’ve read so far.

  6. Sheila says:

    Seems like another good read from Mary Kay. Hurrah! Have to get this one soon.