Review: Rose Galbraith by Grace Livingston Hill
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rosegalbraith-glhPublisher: Living Books
Published: July 1, 1991
Copyright: 1940
Pages: 284
Form: Paperback
Author: Site | Facebook

Young, beautiful Rose is desperate!  She and her beloved mother had planned to travel to Scotland so that Rose could discover her heritage.  Then, suddenly, Rose’s mother had died.  To honor her memory, Rose went through with the trip, though doing so meant going to live with the wealthy relatives who had shunned her mother for marrying outside of Scotland’s elite.

But the glamour of her relative’s castle and its priceless possessions can not hide the heartlessness of the inhabitants…or calm Rose’s fear of the unscrupulous aristocrat who is scheming to marry her.  Rose’s only hope and comfort come from the letter she receives from handsome Gordon McCarroll, a friend she became reacquainted with a she began her journey.  But can even Gordon save her from the people who seem determined to take control of her life…?

My Thoughts

I had no idea this was a christian fiction book when I picked it up from my local used book store, but I’m very glad I did.  After Rose’s dear mother dies, Rose decides to continue on with their plans to visit her mother’s family in Scotland, and then continue on to visit her father’s family.  But when Rose shows up at her maternal Aunt’s castle, she finds the hard and bitter woman her Aunt has become and a greedy and manipulative Uncle eager to marry her off to the son of the man her mother shunned.  They think to get their hands on Rose’s ‘inheritance’ that was left to her by her father.

Poor Rose loses her mother and then shows up at her mother’s childhood home only to be manipulated and prodded into marrying a wretch of a man.  Thank God she had the foresight to get out if there as soon as she could, and thank God for her correspondence with Gordon, without which she may not have had the courage.  While spending time with her father’s family, Rose grows closer to them and Gordon as they continue to correspond with each other through the mail.  They both feel and unmistakable connection and kinship even though an ocean separates them.

I like that when Gordon finally shows up and declares his love for Rose, she works up the fortitude and courage to go back to her mother’s family and try set things right.  This story is pretty cheesy and hokey, but I actually adored that about it.  My only complaint about this book is that sometimes I couldn’t figure out what was being said when her father’s family got to speaking in their Scottish dialect.  It was hard to decipher it all.  Other than that, I really enjoyed this book and even went back to that book store to pick up more books by this author.

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