Review: Over My Dead Body by Michele Bardsley
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Publisher: Penguin
Published: May 5, 2009
Copyright: 2009
Pages: 267
Form: Paperback
Series: Broken Heart (5)
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Reality truly does bite.

With my ex-husband out of my life after attempting murder (on me!), and my little daughter, Glory, having not uttered a word since that awful night, Broken Heart, Oklahoma, seems like the perfect sanctuary for us.  And I, Simone Sweet, am ready to start a new life.  I just didn’t figure it’d be an eternal one.

But then local hunk Braddock Hayes turns my undead world upside down.  He’s the only one who sees me as I really am, and let me tell you, he makes my fangs quiver.  But if he finds out the truth about my past, it would just about kill me (if I weren’t already dead, that is).  Luckily, no one knows better than me that things aren’t always as they appear.

My Thoughts

Back in Broken Heart, Oklahoma, recent turn-blood Simone Sweet is hiding out from her past, and just wants a normal life for her and her daughter Glory, who hasn’t talked since witnessing her Mother kill her Father in self-defense.  Braddock Hayes is a former ETAC operative who is also running from his past in which he did some terrible things.  Now he has dedicated his life to helping out the paranormal kind and finds himself enamored of Simone and her family, despite the fact that he is a human, and Simone is a vampire.

I really love this Broken Heart series and it seems the more ridiculous and ludicrous things seem to get in this tiny paranormal town, the more I love it.  And I think this is the only series I can say that for.  The characters and plots sure know how to keep the reader guessing and totally anxious to know what will happen next in good old Broken Heart.

I really liked Simone because she survived and persevered through a horrible and violent situation.  I appreciate the fact that though these are meant to be light and fun reads, the author is not afraid to touch on the heavy subjects like abuse and domestic violence.  Through Simone, Bardsley gives the reader’s a courageous and steadfast mother with a will to do anything to ensure the safety and happiness of her child.

Braddock, aka Brady, was a girl’s dream.  He was very sweet in all of his tough guy glory, but still quite flawed.  He’s not proud of some of the things he’s done in his past, so has committed himself to Broken Heart and its occupants to try and make up for it.  Brady is so loving towards Simone and so kind and gentle with her daughter and grandmother.

Simone’s and Brady’s past come back to haunt them with a vengeance, making for a fascinating story.  Add in some colorful new characters like the pixie Flet, 70 year old Vamp George (who wants to start a nudist colony for older vamps), and Lycan Renier, toss in the old faithfuls like Lycan triplets Damien, Darrius, and Drake, and you’ve got yourself a great, fast-paced story, with plenty of action and a dash of mystery.

Overall I love this series and I look forward to the next wacky and fun filled adventure in Broken Heart.

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8 Responses to “Review: Over My Dead Body by Michele Bardsley”

  1. Alysia Allen says:

    Hey Girl! How are you? Long time. I am trying my best to get back to blogging, reading and stopping by. I love a good vampire series and crazy things happening sounds like a good read. I have to check this series out. Hope you are well.

    PS Thanks so much for stopping by my blog when I was on (kinda) leave. LOL!

    • Jade Jade says:

      Yes I’ve been doing pretty good the last few months, thank GOD! Thanks for asking. And if you’re looking for a fun read, these are the books for you. And you’re most welcome!

      Hope you’re back in action, we miss you round your blog.

  2. A nudist colony for older vamps? Ha, he sounds like a colorful character indeed.

    Great review, Jade! I like a good fast-paced novel with a touch of mystery. And it seems like the Broken Heart series is a lot of fun to read, as well.

    • Jade Jade says:

      YES! I was too through with that idea! This series is a lot of fun to read. I think I enjoy them more because I don’t take them too seriously.

  3. This series looks awesome. I seriously can’t take adding another series to my teetering to the brink TBR pile, but I am off to add the first in series. Send help if you hear a crash. Thanks for your great review.

  4. Everytime I see you review one of these, I tell myself that I’m going to start one asap. And then I forget. I mean it this time! Lol.