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Review: Merry Sexy Christmas by Beverly Jenkins, Kayal Perrin, and Maureen Smith
Monday December 17, 2012 at 12:00 am |

merrysexychristmas-bjPublisher: Harlequin
Published: October 16, 2012
Copyright: 2012
Pages: 320
Form: Paperback
Author: Site | Facebook
Author: Site | Facebook | Twitter
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Drew Davis’s goal is to buy the semipro football team where he is general manager. But the owner’s grandaughter, Tasha Bloom, unexpectedly inherits it first. Still, Drew’s not brokenhearted, since their mutual passion for football runs second only to their attraction to each other. But can the team and their budding romance make it to the New Year’s Day championship?

Ex-mas Reunion BY KAYLA PERRIN

Kendra Harris and Damien Monroe had a summer fling years ago. Now fate has left them stranded together at the airport during a winter snowstorm. Sharing a rental car makes sense if they want to get home for Christmas. And so does sharing a hotel room…and a bed. Because sometimes the one that got away is the only one you ever wanted.…


Over the holidays, Atlanta attorney Ava Cameron is dumped, depressed…and primed for a one-night stand with sexy stranger Colby Austin. How is she to know he will end up being opposing counsel on a major case—and the best mistake she has ever made?

My Thoughts on Overtime Love

Miss Jenkins brings us another enchanting tale, and just in time for Christmas.  After Tasha Bloom’s grandfather dies and leaves her his semipro football team, she is reunited with her long time crush, and General manager of the team Drew Davis.  After being promised the team, Drew is livid but is willing to work with Tasha to bring the team up to par.  In the midst, their attraction grows and they are unable to deny themselves.

Loved this story.  It was fun and romantic and the characters were charming.  Tasha and Drew are great together and their personalities just mesh well.  I’m also very interested in Tasha’s best friend Monty and am hoping Miss Jenkins will be writing his story in the future.

The only issue I had with this story was when Tasha proposed to Drew.  Though I can get with the modern times, in this way I remain a traditional girl.  You know, he who finds a wife and all of that.  There was a little redeeming in regards to this because Drew had already planned to pop the question to her.  This story is more about the journey and less about the destination, though I loved where they ended up.

Overall, loved it.  Beverly Jenkins brought it just as good as she always does.

My Thoughts on Ex-mas Reunion

This story was kind of blah for me.  After drifting apart when they went off to separate colleges, Kendra and Damien run into each other in the airport.  When the weather doesn’t permit them to fly home, Damien convinces Kendra to road trip it.  Damien is eager for a second chance, but Kendra is still hurt by the way Damien stopped returning her calls and emails ten years ago.  Yup, he pulled a fade to black move on her.

I didn’t like Kendra at all.  If she has just put on her big girl panties and had a sincere discussion with Damien, they could have worked things out a lot sooner and a lot simpler.  Her stubbornness was annoying and I felt sorry for poor Damien…and he was the one in the hot seat!

Overall, the story really dragged and I just didn’t care what happened to either of them.  This story was a miss for me.

My Thoughts on A Holiday Affair

Another winner!  When Ava and Colby have a one night stand, neither thinks they will see the other again.  But when they are opposing council on a high profile case, things get real hot and real complicated, real quick.  Battling her desire for Colby and her ethics, Ava is torn between loving Colby and being dedicated to her job.

The characters were dynamic and the romance was explosive!  I enjoyed getting to know Ava and Colby.  Both successful attorneys, Ava is head strong, intelligent, and goes after what she wants.  Colby is also intelligent and quite a formidable when it comes to his job.  But I loved that he was so laid back and humorous in his personal life.  Definitely somebody a woman could easily fall for.

My only issue with this story was how many of the characters were dead ringers for some very attractive celebrities.  Idris Elba (yes Lawd!), Boris Kodjoe (ummm hmm), and Megan Goode.  Really?  Personally I like to conjure a person from the actual description, not be told who to picture.  If a celebrity comes to mind, so be it.  Otherwise, let’s not reference them, or at least not so often.

Other than that, the story was engaging and the writing was superb.  This was my first time reading Maureen Smith and I’ll definitely be picking up some of her other stuff.  Overall, a very worthy Christmas anthology!



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One Response to “Review: Merry Sexy Christmas by Beverly Jenkins, Kayal Perrin, and Maureen Smith”

  1. This one sounds like a winner. I would be annoyed by the celebrity comparisons in lieu of actual descriptions but I’m glad it turned out to be a good read. I’m usually weary of books where multiple stories are in one book. I find that I often only enjoy one. I’m glad to hear that isn’t the case here.