Review: Josephine and the Soldier by Beverly Jenkins
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Publisher: Harper Collins
Copyright: 2003
Publish Date: January 21, 2003
Pages: 311
Form: Paperback
Author: Beverly Jenkins
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Josephine Best has it all figured out. Just seventeen, she’s been to college, she has her own hairdressing shop, and she refuses to be distracted by any of that courting nonsense. At least until nice George Brooks begins to pursue her. Jojo isn’t looking for romance, but she permits George to call on her.


Adam Morgan has always been a Casanova, and no girl is immune to his charm. But when he comes home wounded from the War Between the States, it’s a girl he used to call “Pest” who’s turning his head. All grown up, Jojo is being courted by another soldier, and Adam knows it would be foolish to play with her heart. Even so, he just can’t get the headstrong young lady off his mind.

For her part, Jojo can’t deny her growing feelings for Adam. But he’s always been such a flirt — he can’t possibly be serious about her. Besides, she has George falling all over himself to please her. As the war rages on, Adam’s feelings for Jojo grow stronger, but Jojo’s determination to resist him does, too. One thing is clear, though: Jojo is a girl who always gets what she wants, sometimes in spite of herself.

My Thoughts:

Absolutely adored this book from start to finish!  Beverly Jenkins writes the best historicals ever.  This one follows the life of seventeen year old Josephine Best whose father and brother are off fighting in the war.  She lives with her mother and sister-in-law, and makes her living doing hair in her own hairdressing shop.  When injured soldiers are stationed to recover in Josephine’s little town, one takes a special interest in her.  But as Jojo begins to warm up to him, an old family friend arrives injured, and Josephine cannot deny her attraction to him.

Josephine is everything a heroine should be.  She’s independent, head strong and forward thinking in a time where it’s not encouraged, especially for a black woman.  But despite the thoughts and objections of others, Jojo follows her dream and will not let anyone stop or hinder her.  She’s also very fortunate to have family who believe in her and are very supportive.

The romance in this book is charming and sweet.  Jojo, not really looking for romance, finds herself being wooed by a recovering soldier.  And though George is a nice guy, he’s very traditional and not very impressed by Josephine’s independence and business savvy.  So when Adam Morgan, Jojo’s brother’s best friend returns,  he gives George a run for his money where she is concerned.

The secondary characters were also a joy to read about and get to know.  Particularly Josephine’s sister-in-law, mother, and best friend.  They were all well-developed and beautifully written.  Each one added something special to the book and helped to move the story along in a pleasant and interesting way.

This book is full of small-town adventure, lovable characters, and a lovely romance.  Getting to know these characters was so much fun and I’d recommend this one to any lover of historical romance.

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10 Responses to “Review: Josephine and the Soldier by Beverly Jenkins”

  1. Missie says:

    What is it about recovering solders that makes them so irresistible? I hadn’t heard of this book before, so thanks for the review, Jade.

  2. La Toya says:

    AW! This looks like the cutest book ever. Def adding it to the TBR.

    La Toya (La Toya, Literally.)

  3. I don’t know why I’ve never heard of this book before — or this author! It seems like she writes such amazing books! <3 😉 I'm trying to read more historical fiction right now because I usually only read paranormal sort of books, and I love the sound of a strong woman not expecting romance but ending up finding someone anyways — SO SWEET! x)

    Amazing review, Jade! I can tell how much you loved this book and it only makes me more intrigued about adding it to my list. I'm really glad you liked it! 😉

    • Jade Jade says:

      Oh if you’re reading more historicals I think you should give this one a go. It was such an awesome little read. I think you’ll enjoy Josephine.

  4. You’re always introducing me to new books! I love it. 🙂 Small-town adventure and lovable characters certainly appeal to me – thanks for the recommendation!

  5. I’ve added this to my list. I’m expecting a Beverly Jenkins novel in the mail any day now. I can’t wait.