Review: Midnight by Beverly Jenkins
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Publisher: Harper Collins
Copyright: 2010
Published: November 1, 2010
Pages: 370
Form: Paperback
Author: Beverly Jenkins
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In Boston, revolution is in the wind—yet none would ever suspect Faith Kingston of treason. But under cover of darkness, the beautiful daughter of a Tory tavern owner becomes the notorious spy “Lady Midnight,” passing valuable secrets to the rebels. Dedicated to fighting British tyranny, she’ll let nothing distract her— until a dark, mesmerizing stranger enters her life.

A reckless, worldly adventurer, Nicholas Grey has returned to troubled Massachusetts seeking revenge for the death of his rebel father. He suspects a local innkeeper, but it’s the man’s breathtaking, ebony-skinned daughter who has truly captured his interest. Nicholas burns for the sensuous, secretive lady—and Faith cannot mask her own blazing desires. But when destiny unites their causes, the passion that draws Midnight into Nicholas’s arms is as dangerous as it is glorious—and it could spell disaster for them both.


My Thoughts:

Another interesting story from Jenkins. Her Historical novels are among my favorites although this one wasn’t as good all of her other’s to me. Set in the time of the revolutionary war, Jenkins gives us a glimpse into life of free black comminuties during this dangerous time. With defiance in the air, tensions are high between the rebels, those who oppose the British King and his soldiers, and the Tories, those who are still in support of the King. Faith is the daughter of Innkeeper and staunch Tory, Stuart Kingston. But little does Stuart know that Faith does not share his political views, and collects the information her Father’s friends share at the Inn and passes it along to Rebel leaders.

Few people know and are aware that she is the elusive Lady Midnight, and that’s the way she’d like it to be, lest she be hanged for treason. But rugged, and handsome Nicholas Grey comes along seeking out the mysterious woman in order to glean information from her about his father’s death. Faith’s father warns her against Nick because of a longstanding feud between him and Nick’s father. Faith is apt to comply, but finds herself drawn to the kind and generous man.

I really like Nick and Faith because they are strong characters who have learned how to survive and fight in the face of adversity and unfairness.  I also love that Jenkins always finds a way to weave bits and pieces of black history within her novels. She includes histories, and stories about traditions, and conditions that I would otherwise had never known. So not only do you get a great story, but you get to learn a bit about black history as well.

What I didn’t like about this story was it seemed that everything came too easily to the two main characters. I don’t feel there was much of a struggle between them, or with any other circumstance that befell them. I think it would have made for a much more interesting story if there was something that they both had to work really hard for. Sometimes circumstances were just too perfect and things fell together too easily. I guess there just wasn’t enough courting or wooing for me. Other than that, still a good story by Jenkins.


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  1. Fab review. I may not try this one first but I will definitely try a book by this author soon.