Review: Don’t Talk Back to Your Vampire by Michele Bardsley
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Publisher: Penguin
Copyright: 2007
Published: July 3, 2007
Pages: 340
Form: Paperback
Series: Broken Heart Series Book #2
Author: Michele Bardsley
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Since the residnts were bitten and changed into Vampires in the small town of Broken Heart, the Consortium has been buying up all the properties in and around town in hopes of creating their own Paranormal community.  Single mother Evangeline, the town’s librarian, and her daughter are adjusting to their new lives in Broken Heart.  Eva finds herself attracting all manner of animals to her home, not to mention handsome Vampire ancient, Lorcan O’ Hallaran.  But when Eva discovers that she can actually speak to animals now and humans that can take the shape of animals, she finds herself in high demand from those that want to hurt her and those she loves.  When Eva finds that someone is purposely infecting Vampires with the Taint and sending them after her, she determines to solve the mystery and fight for the ones she loves.  But will that include Lorcan O’ Hallaran, or will Eva never forgive him for making her a Vampire and turning her world upside down?


My Thoughts:

Once again I’m back in Broken Heart and I must say I’m loving it! There is something very charming and engaging about this little town and it’s inhabitants. This book takes on Evangeline’s story. Another recent turn-blood of Broken Heart, Eva finds herself developing some new and interesting powers as well as feelings for Lorcan. Lorcan, the twin brother of Patrick and another ancient, is still filled with remorse and regret for turning Broken Heart’s citizens into vampires. He’s brooding and mournful, but also very lyrical and poetic.  He’s also fiercely protective of Eva and her daughter Tamara. But Eva and Lorcan find themsleves in the middle of a mystery when they discover that someone is purposely infecting Vampires with the taint and sending them after Eva.

Eva is pretty opposite of her best friend Jessica and heroine of the first Broken Heart novel, I’m the Vampire, That’s Why. Whereas Jessica is brash and aggressive, Eva is mellow and gentle. Until those that she loves are threatened, then you get to see her ferocious side. I love that they are so different, yet such good friends. The relationship between her and her daughter is awesome. Although Tamara is filled with teenage angst, you know that she still has such love and affection for her mother.

I also like that we got to see and find our more about Patrick’s equally sexy twin brother Lorcan. He was such a mystery in the first novel that getting to explore him in this novel was great! I love that he’s creative and a writer. I love that he’s romantic and protective but not in a gag me type of way. And Lorcan definitley has some surprises for us in this book.

Michele Bardsley definitely got it right with this series. A cute, funny, romantic, mysterious, and exciting story all rolled into one! I will definitley be reading the rest in the series. I recommend this book for reading!







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